What To Expect From Apple’s September 7th Event

It’s another eve of an Apple event, and this one is a September iPhone event once again. The iPhone events usually go according to script as there are a lot of leaks beforehand. The September 7th event is no different, which allows us to provide relatively accurate expectations for you. There’s always a chance for surprises, but for now we’re going to focus on the most likely occurrences from Apple. If you want surprises, it’s best to wait until tomorrow to watch the event live, as spoilers are below.

iPhone 7/Plus:

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will largely resemble the 6/6S lines with the same dimensions and screen size choices. The main distinction is that the antenna bands will be moved to the edges, rather than wrapping around the back of the device at the top and bottom. Another noticeable difference will be the omission of the headphone jack. Apple will likely decide that the lightning connector is the only port needed on the device for charging and headphones. A lightning connection likely offers improved audio playback, and there’s also the wireless Bluetooth option. The question is whether or not Apple will include lightning based headphones, Bluetooth based headphones, or an adapter for the 3.5mm jack to lightning connection.
Another omission in the iPhone 7 is the physical Home button, which is set to be replaced by a flat button with haptic feedback to mimic the press of an actual button. Apple is dropping the headphone jack and the physical home button in an attempt to improve water resistance. The Apple Watch is water resistant at a rating of IPX7, and that’s the standard the iPhone 7 will likely achieve. Water resistant is different than water proof, and the IPX7 rating means the iPhone 7 will be able to handle splashes, showering, and very brief periods in water up to one meter deep.

On the inside of the iPhone 7, you can expect the new A10 chip as Apple continues to make their own silicone with significant performance enhancements year after year. Apple could also bump up the system memory to 2GB on the 4.7” version, and 3GB on the 5.5” edition. The big addition is that Apple may finally bump up the bottom tier of system storage from 16GB to 32GB with a max of 256GB possible, but may be limited to the 5.5” Plus. You can expect faster LTE and WiFi chips along with subtly improved battery life. Another change may come to the display technology as Apple looks to bring the DCI-P3 Wide Color gamut and True Tone ambient lighting adjustments of the iPad Pro to the iPhone line.
One of the bigger features is expected to be an all new camera system. The iPhone 7 Plus will gain the biggest upgrade with a dual lens camera system. Both lenses will be 12 megapixels, but one lens with offer wide angle larger pixels, while the other will be telephoto with small pixels. Optical Image Stabilization will continue on the Plus line, and is expected to make it to the 4.7” device this year. To round out the iPhone 7 offerings, the device is also expected to come in a new color, “Glossy” Piano Black, in addition to Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.

Apple Watch 2

The iPhone 7 will be the star of the show, but Apple has plans for more to unveil. The Apple Watch 2 will also likely take the stage. The second edition Apple Watch will be similar to the improvements of the iPhone 3G versus the original iPhone. Apple’s wrist worn sequel will be almost identical visually to the existing Apple Watch. Most of the changes will be internal with a faster processor, bigger battery, GPS chip, barometer, and improved waterproofing. The GPS and barometer will combine for improved navigation and fitness tracking to gather location information more accurately without the iPhone. The battery improvements are important, and the rumored battery on the 42mm model will likely offers a 35% increase in capacity. The screen material is set to be thinner, and that will allow for more room for the battery.

The Apple Watch 2 will maintain the 38mm and 42mm choices with multiple materials, watch bands, and price points. We could also see brand new watch bands as we have seen in past events.


Apple’s Mac line hasn’t received an update in a while, and it looks like the wait will continue. There are new MacBook Pros possible based on part leaks. Apple’s next generation laptop could feature Intel’s new Skylake processors. Not only that, but also a context sensitive OLED function bar that displays the menu based on the current app right on the keyboard. It’s likely we won’t see new Macs until October, and they may or may not get their own event.


Like the Mac above, the iPad will likely not be present at the September 7th event. It’s unclear what Apple is planning for the next iPad as sales continue to decline.


Apple showed off iOS 10, watchOS 3, macOS Sierra, and tvOS 10 at WWDC in June. Now, it’s likely that Apple will have final details on their software offerings including release dates. iOS 10 and watchOS 3 will get the final release date with the iPhone 7, and Apple Watch 2 respectively.

macOS Sierra is likely ready to go, but will probably be held until the new MacBooks are released. tvOS 10 is ready, but Apple has been inconsistent with the Apple TV, so it’s unclear if it will be detailed during the September 7th event.



With Apple’s probable move to remove the headphone jack, and rely on the lightning port exclusively on the iPhone 7, new headphones will be required. As stated above, it’s unclear what headphones Apple will package with the new iPhone 7. With that said, Apple will still likely unveil all new premium headphones that you can add on to your iPhone purchase. Apple owns Beats, and we will likely see new lightning connector based Beats as well as wireless Bluetooth enabled Beats. Not only that, but Apple AirPods are rumored to be coming. AirPods will be two wireless earbuds that are completely wireless to connect to one another as well as your iPhone. They sound battery hungry, so Apple may have a wireless charging solution in the works for the AirPods to prepare for wireless charging on the iPhone in 2017.


The September 7th event will most likely follow the script detailed above. There could be a few surprises, but don’t expect anything major that isn’t listed above. The iPhone 7 will be the main emphasis of the event, but doesn’t expect to have a laundry list of new features. With that said, Apple is still planning to provide a more powerful processor, increased battery life, improved screen colors, double the base storage, more RAM, dual lens camera system, improved camera lens, optical image stabilization, faster charging, faster wireless, improved speaker sound, new microphone system, new color choice, new headphones, and a new operating system.


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