Five Angry Birds 2 Tips To Help You Smash Those Pigs

After 13 spin-offs, a true sequel to Angry Birds has arrived with a number of enhancements to improve upon the physics puzzle formula. Angry Birds 2 looks great and gives you the ability to pick your bird while facing multi-staged levels. The main idea of slingshotting birds into pigs remains, but there’s a lot of subtle changes to make for a fresh challenge.

It’s easy enough to pull back on the slingshot to launch the birds into pig structures, but there’s a lot more you can do to really dominate those green pigs. We’re here to help you be the best Angry Birds 2 player you can be with five Angry Birds 2 tips to help you enjoy the game for free longer, while being super successful.

1.) Pick the right bird

One of the biggest new additions in Angry Birds 2 is the ability to pick which bird to slingshot, rather than using birds in the given order. You should take full advantage of this ability so that you have the bird that is best suited for the current pigstruction you are facing. If the structure has front facing ice blocks, go with the blue bird, or if it’s mainly wood choose the yellow bird. As you go further in the game, it’s not that simple, and instead you will want to focus on picking the bird that can thread the needle to the weakest point or push one structure into another for double the damage.
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2.) Aim for the weak spots

Pigs aren’t construction experts, so most structures will have weak spots to aim for. Usually that’s a TNT box, because if you can hit it there will be a likely chain reaction of devastation. There are other structures that don’t have TNT boxes, and then you will want to aim to take out the bottom blocks, so that the rest comes crashing down. The bottom blocks may be ice, wood, or stone, and you will need to take tip one into account to have the right bird for the job. Later levels will require you to take out the bottom of one structure so that the top of the structure cascades into another structure.

3.) Conserve your birds

Angry Birds 2 offers a new multi-stage level structure, and that means you will face multiple pig structures before a level is done. All previous Angry Birds games provide the entirety of a level on screen, so you can send all your birds to take it out. In Angry Birds 2, you don’t know what other structures a given level will hold, so you need to conserve your birds. If you run out of birds on the first or second stage, then you will lose before you even see the third stage. That means you need to get the most destruction out of every shot. Picking the right bird, and aiming for the weak spots will lead to having birds through each stage of a given level. Also, sometimes you will want to use lesser birds in certain situations to save the more powerful birds for what ever structures come your way later on.
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4.) Watch video ads

The best way to continue playing Angry Birds 2 for free is to watch video ads, rather than using in-app purchases to buy gems to continue. If you do run out of birds before the end of a level, you can watch a video to earn another bird, and that can be vital to level success in the later levels. The videos are normally 30 seconds, and that’s a lot less time than replaying an entire level.

5.) Focus on destruction

You can shoot to try to take out all of the green pigs, and just be happy with getting them all. Angry Birds 2 rewards destruction though, so you will want to aim to destroy every block that you can. There’s a destruction meter in the upper right corner, and every time you fill it, you earn an extra bird. Many of the level challenges are designed with the knowledge that you will earn extra birds through destruction. It’s best to focus on smashing blocks, as the pigs will likely be smashed along with a collapsing structure. Earning extra birds is key, especially since they can be chosen and then best suited for a given structure.

Angry Birds 2 (Free, Universal) revitalizes the brand with fresh new challenges to slingshot into, and it’s even more enjoyable when you follow our five Angry Birds 2 tips.

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