Five Boom Beach Tips To Storm The Beach Better

boom_beachSay what you want about freemium games, they’re here to stay, and there may be no one better at them than Supercell. A quick glance at the top grossing charts shows that SuperCell now owns three of the top seven apps with Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and now Boom Beach. Their latest effort is similar to Clash of Clans, but with a new island theme that revolves around storming beaches. Boom Beach gives you an island to develop and build-up resources to then use to both bolster your defenses, and amplify your offensive attack as you battle other island bases.

The game is simple to begin, but there’s a lot going on as you progress, and we’re here to help you with five Boom Beach tips to help you storm the beach better.

1.) Focus on gathering resources, mainly wood
Boom Beach revolves around two main resources with coins, and wood, which is used for everything else you do in the game. You begin by building a residence, and saw mill, and they continue to earn you more coins, and wood. Every new building, defense, solider, and upgrade will cost coins and wood, so you need to maximize gaining those two resources. That means, you want to keep upgrading your residence, and saw mill, as well as the two storage facilities for both items. Wood is the most important resource as it’s used for almost everything, and is a bit harder to come by. Luckily, you can take out the trees on your island for a wood boost, and every enemy island that you conquer helps you gain wood, and coins.

Every single other tip that follows depends on building up the biggest piles of wood, and coins. They’re the heart blood of your Boom Beach success, so always focus on gaining more wood, and coins, even if that means sacrificing other upgrades.
2.) Upgrade your headquarters
The headquarters is the most important building on your island as it’s a bit like the King in Chess. It can’t do much, but if you lose it, then you lose the battle. Its main ability though is to unlock other parts of the game. As you upgrade your headquarters, you gain access to new defensive structures, new solider types, and higher level upgrades to your existing items. In fact, if you don’t upgrade the headquarters, your other items can max out with nothing to be done until HQ is upgraded. You will want to save up your resources to get that headquarters upgraded often, because it’s the backbone to every improvement you can make.

3.) Maximize your gun boat efforts
The gun boat is a new addition unique to Boom Beach that gives you more control when you’re attacking an opponent’s island. Rather than just sending out your troops, and watching them die off, you can actually help them mid-attack. The gun boat can send off bombs, flares, and med kits with each one providing a valuable aid. The bombs are the best since you can take out an enemy defensive post before your soldiers even land on the beach. The flares can guide your soldiers where to target an attack, and med kits can keep your soldiers going under intense attacks. Your gun boat is powered by a limited amount of tokens with each of the three abilities costing different amounts of tokens. Luckily, you can upgrade your gun boat to have a larger supply of tokens to help out your soldiers that much more. If you’re going to spend resources on your offensive attacks, you should put the gun boat first.

When in battle, the gun boat helps the soldiers, and the soldiers can return the favor. Every building that the soldiers destroy earns tokens for the gun boat. Sometimes, you will want to send your soldiers to smaller buildings away from the heart of the enemy’s defense just to build up tokens. The gun boat is your best weapon, and treat it as such.
4.) Keep expanding, and clearing the map
Boom Beach has a much greater focus on single player gameplay as compared to Clash of Clans. Supercell has nicely fleshed out that portion, and that means you will want to keep expanding the map to offer more potential islands to conquer. Each island that you defeat builds up great supplies of resources once you win. Also, each island you control on the map earns you coins while you’re away, so there’s an added bonus. You will need to upgrade the radar to display new islands, but it’s well worth it, as it gives you more resources to potentially collect. The best part is that the islands you gain access to, can switch hands between the computer player, as well as real players around the world. That means you can conquer the same islands multiple times with slight upgrades in enemy defenses. Each win helps you earn resources to then pull of the upgrades in the tips mentioned above.

The battles are also the most enjoyable part of the game, and the bigger the map, the more potential battles to play each time you open the game.

5.) Be patient
The best tip for Boom Beach is to be patient, because everything is designed to test your patience, and entice you to buy multiple in-app purchases that can run the cost of the game over full console experiences. Boom Beach lets you only work on one building at a time, so that means if you want to perform multiple upgrades, you will need to spend diamonds to finish the previous project. That’s not necessary though, as you can just come back later, and when you do the upgrade will be finished, and there will be brand new islands to attack. Boom Beach is best played for just a few minutes at a time, mainly because the upgrade path is so drawn out. The game gives you just little boosts at a time, so if you bought $50 worth of diamonds, you could burn through those, and then be stuck on slow upgrades once again.

Boom Beach invites patience simply because the game is relatively simple in scope with just an island base to build up, and then a small map to conquer. Grandeur doesn’t await you with quick upgrades, so it’s best to just take it slow, and enjoy the process of building up your army for just a few minutes, maybe twice a day.

Boom Beach (Free, Universal) offers a lot of intricacies on the Clash of Clans formula, and there’s a whole lot to unlock in the long haul. Following these five Boom Beach tips will help you enjoy the game for as long as possible, while also maximizing your beach storming efforts.


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One Comment on "Five Boom Beach Tips To Storm The Beach Better"

  1. boomy beach January 4, 2015 at 5:01 PM -

    I dont agree with playing only for a couple minutes at a time since its best to try and plan and conquer most of all the other islands on ur map, build up ur victory points because that is ur level and skill. And keep upgrading ur base to minimize raids so u can have more and more resources, your vault holds ur resources from the enemy which reduces the amount u lose. Again all that takes more than a couple of minutes a day, I play boom beach 6times daily at the least about 20 minutes each time. Its addcting and very fun. Keep playing and u wont put it down. Its preety fun!

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