Five Fairway Solitaire Blast Tips To Improve Your Swing

fairway_solitaire_blastFairway Solitaire is back out on the links with a brand new Blast variation that introduces a level based set-up, power-ups, and specific challenges to complete. Fairway Solitaire Blast maintains the golf solitaire style where you play one card higher, or lower then the card on the draw pile, but there’s a lot more going on this time around. With that in mind, we’re here to help you be the best Fairway Solitaire golfer you can be with five Fairway Solitaire Blast tips.
1.) Identify card streaks before acting
The most important part of any golf solitaire is to identify potential streaks before you make any move. The levels in Fairway Solitaire Blast are laid out to entice long streaks, even going through the whole deck from 2-K, and back again. Not only can you go consecutively, but you can really bolster your streaks with 6,7,6,7 to clear out redundant cards, and boost your score at the same time. The streaks are the key component to the entire game because in Blast, you only have one draw pile to use across three different card layouts per level. You get 30 cards in your draw pile, and you will have to clear off around 100 cards total, so the streaks are the main way to pull off that goal.

If that wasn’t enough, streaks also earn you bonuses, so that if you collect 12 cards in a row, you earn a multiplier, and one card added to your draw pile. Longer streaks amp up the points, and bonus cards.

2.) Focus on completing the challenge
Challenges are a big new addition in Fairway Solitaire Blast, and they may require you to act differently than you normally would. At the outset, the challenges are basic, and fit within the flow of the game. Once you reach the second world though, the challenges include having to make a streak of ten cards alternating colored suits, or clear five face cards in a row. These types of challenges are much tougher, and there are times that you will skip an available higher, or lower card if it doesn’t fit in with the challenge at hand. The reason is that you can’t complete a level without conquering the challenge, so even if you clear all the cards, you will still fail a level. That means, you will want to clear that challenge as soon as you can, because it’s no fun to get to the third set of cards only to see there’s no way to complete the given challenge.
The challenges only get tougher as you go, but it’s worth noting that usually one of the three card layouts is best laid out for the given challenge. It’s always wise to get it out of the way early, but if you play through all three sets, and fail, you will probably pick up on the fact that one of the three sets is the best spot to attempt to complete the challenge. Get the challenge out of the way early, but if you fail, look for specific patterns in the level set-up.

3.) Ignore the power-ups on the board
The power-ups are a big part of Fairway Solitaire Blast, and sure are enticing. You can blast cards off the board with bombs, flames, and more to help you reach the goal of clearing off everything. The problem with power-ups is that they don’t help as much as the game leads you to believe. It turns out that power-ups clear cards, but in doing so, can ruin your chance at a streak later on. As stated earlier, most of the levels are set-up to let you create chains, but when you blow five cards off the board, the chains will be cut off. Also, while the power-ups help clear cards, they don’t really help your score. Making a chain is worth so much more, than using a power-up, and they should really be used as a last resort. It’s best to ignore them as long as you can, and then use them at the end to get rid of the last few single cards that require specific cards to get rid of.
4.) Try not to make a mistake
Easier said than done, but always aim for not making a mistake. In Fairway Solitaire Blast, there are two types of mistakes, either missing an available higher or lower card that can be played, or tapping on a card that can’t be played on the current draw pile card. You never want to make a mistake, but in Blast, the game rewards you for it. If you can go a whole level without making a mistake, you will unlock flawless mode for two times the score. It usually appears about halfway through, and that 2x score is the key to trying to get three stars on a given level. It might be a simple tip, but it’s still important since the flawless mechanic is built into the game.

5.) Play the random special cards ASAP
There are two types of power-up cards in Fairway Solitaire Blast with the ones that appear on the play field, and the ones that are stored on a shelf on the bottom of the screen. We already talked about the power-ups in the play field, and now it’s time for the special power-ups. These are the ones that cost money ranging from $0.99 – $4.99 per card. You can buy them, but they will also appear randomly through the course of many levels. The caveat is that you can only hold one special card on the shelf at a time. If you get another random special card, it’s tossed away if you’re already holding one of any kind. There are at least six different types, and yet you can only hold one overall, not one of each. To counteract this, it’s best to use these special power-ups as quickly as possible to then clear your shelf in hopes of a new one.

The special power-ups include wild cards, bullseye, flip suits, shuffle the board, laser blast, and more. These aren’t nearly as much of a detriment as the power-ups on the game board, and they can help with some challenges. For instance, flipping suits can help if you need to get a streak of ten red cards, and bullseye can take out one particular card without hurting your current streak.

Fairway Solitaire Blast (Free, Universal) adds a lot to the golf solitaire formula, and we hope these five Fairway Solitaire Blast tips can help you enjoy the game more.


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