Fruit Ninja Is Now Playing On a 46″ Touch Screen Arcade Machine As Fruit Ninja FX

Fruit Ninja is now so popular that it has become an arcade machine. While at Dave & Busters I spotted a new coupon dispensing game, and it’s Fruit Ninja FX. It’s the same Fruit Ninja arcade mode you know and love, but on a 46” multi-touch screen. The TouchFX machine has three screens and allows single player or multi-player, with up to six inputs at once. The machine can come in redemption coupon or arcade coin style, and gives you one 60 second arcade mode per play.

The game is now shipping from the maker Adrenaline Amusements, and is now appearing in all 55 Dave & Busters locations across the country. You earn coupons based upon your score, and you’re given the same arcade bonuses at the end of your game. It’s just like playing Fruit Ninja on your iPad, but on an even bigger screen, and you play standing up. You can also play with a friend on the same 46” touch screen

After playing a few games, there was one aspect that was easily recognizable. The touch screen is no iPad, and that means that it just wasn’t that smooth or responsive to your touch. The screen itself burns your finger after using it for a couple of games, and the game just isn’t refined for a bigger screen. If you play with your whole hand you never get any combos, because there is the same scoring as the iOS version. You need to use one finger for combos, but then your finger stutters along because the screen is grimy, and practically the antithesis of the iPad.

It’s a great idea bringing a big touch screen arcade machine, and putting such a touch friendly game on it. You can’t score the most because combos are hard to come by, but that didn’t prevent many others from enjoying the game. All the players around me swiped at each individual fruit that popped up, and had a great time. Those with Fruit Ninja experience will be disappointed, but everyone else has the chance to love it.

Fruit Ninja FX really shows how popular the franchise has become, and how popular touch based gaming is. Apple started a whole new wave of gaming that has now spread into the physical arcade. The App Store can create bonafide hits that extend far beyond the digital store, and this is just another example.

Enjoy our hands on video of Fruit Ninja FX below.


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2 Comments on "Fruit Ninja Is Now Playing On a 46″ Touch Screen Arcade Machine As Fruit Ninja FX"

  1. Cascadehush July 5, 2011 at 11:23 PM -

    thanks for the vid.

    thats some serious lag. you can see in the first few seconds o play, the player misses a fruit because the game doesn’t respond quickly enough.

  2. Arbylee7 July 29, 2011 at 4:04 PM -

    you are correct – it burned the heck out of my fingers! And I felt like I had to press so hard for the screen to recognize my touch. My husband said he used the side of his hand (like a karate chop) so it didn’t hurt his fingers… but the screen definitely was not smooth and my hand, arm and fingers hurt after only one attempt. Too bad… I thought it was awesome as I LOVE touch screens!

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