Hey Siri Event: The Definitive List of What To Expect From Apple

The Hey Siri event is almost here, when Tim Cook and Co. will take the stage to unveil their new products for the holiday quarter. The September event has established a trend of emphasizing new iPhones, and this year the Apple TV will likely join the fun. With that in mind, here’s the Apple’N’Apps definitive list of what to expect from Apple for their Hey Siri event. Again, these are expectations, rather than our wishlist.

iPhone 6S/Plus:

The iPhone game plan is essentially common knowledge at this point with a new numbered iPhone in the even years, and an “S” model in the odd years. It’s 2015, so we can expect the iPhone 6S/Plus with an emphasis on internal changes and largely the same external design. The iPhone 6S will look like the iPhone 6, but on the inside it will feature the new A9 processor, an improved camera system, and a new force touch display. The force touch will be the biggest addition to build upon the functionality of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.
The iPhone’s force touch will likely offer a 3D component that can sense three layers of pressure, which opens up a bunch of potential shortcut abilities in iOS 9. A major part of the event will be showing off new capabilities as part of iOS 9, specifically on the iPhone 6S allowing you to perform various actions just by pressing harder on screen. The A9 improvements for processing and graphics alongside the new camera system provide self explanatory benefits. The iPhone 6S likely gains the optical image stabilization that was exclusive to the 6 Plus last year. Speaking of the Plus, the 5.5” iPhone’s bending problems will likely be rectified with a new reinforced aluminum structure for the 6S line.

The iPhone is expected to launch on Friday September 18th, with pre-orders beginning this Friday, September 11th. In terms of pricing, Apple will have to update their structure to coincide with the changes by phone carriers. Subsidies are being phased out, so the $199 entry price tag is gone. Instead, you will need to pay the full price of the iPhone 6S, which will start at $649. You can do so through monthly installments, but you will need to cover the full price eventually. Apple will also likely continue offering 16GB iPhones, so you can expect 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions to choose from in the 4.7” and 5.5” varieties. The pricing will likely be $649, $749, and $849 for the iPhone 6S for the different storage amounts, and $100 extra for each option for the 6S Plus.

The iPhone portion of the event will likely feel as though it’s following a bullet point checklist of all the various well founded speculation and rumors.

Apple TV:

The iPhone is Apple’s bread and butter, but it has become so big that it’s hard to keep it under wraps. The Apple TV on the other hand, has been under wraps for years with speculation indicating that each new Apple event will be the time for the Apple TV. Finally, it’s true as we expect a brand new Apple TV to be unveiled during the Hey Siri event. This isn’t just an update to the little black box, and instead is a brand new product line for Apple that is aimed to be a new platform. The new Apple TV will likely be built around the A8 chip in a relatively supped up form since the Apple TV plugs into the wall, and doesn’t have to restrict resources to be battery friendly. The power will set the stage for an all new way to watch tv that will barely resemble Apple’s current offering.
apple_tv_siri_mock - 1
Up until this point, Apple has treated the Apple TV as a hobby to the point that it doesn’t have it’s own section on Apple’s website, and is instead hidden under the iPod tab, which itself is now tucked under the Music tab. Apple is set to make the Apple TV one of their main product lines, and are treating it as a whole new item, like the launch of the Apple Watch. We expect the Apple TV to include a brand new interface, Siri integration, and support for an App Store. The App Store component will likely include an SDK for developers to start making new apps and updating existing apps for the all new Apple TV.

The interface of the new Apple TV is the biggest question mark, and it will likely rely heavily on Apple’s accusation of the tv guide style app Matcha. The end result is expected to be a universal search function that lets you look for shows regardless of whether they’re available through iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, WatchABC, or whatever the case may be. The emphasis will be about you watching your content as quickly as possible, rather than getting lost in apps. To further emphasize this, the Apple TV will rely heavily on Siri allowing you to say ”Hey Siri” followed by particular search strings of TV shows or movies. Voice powered universal search will help you browse through a potential big increase in content with the inclusion of an App Store with a couple examples likely shown off during the event.

The Apple TV remote will also be an interesting piece of the overall puzzle. The remote will include a microphone, motion sensor, and touch panel allowing you to interact with the Apple TV in multiple ways. The motion aspect is the most compelling as it can lead to great gaming potential, especially with the integration of an App Store. It’s unclear how fleshed out the gaming portion will be based on Apple’s track record, but the pieces will be present. The Apple TV will have a number of stand out features, and will likely be priced at $149, and shipping later this month or early October.
The Apple TV will be the most exciting portion of the event because although we know the general idea, the specifics are yet unknown, and will make or break the device.

iOS 9

iOS 9 has been in beta testing since WWDC in June, and the final public launch is getting ready. We expect the iOS 9 Golden Master build to be available directly following the event with the public launch a week after the event, Wednesday September 16th. iOS 9 has a lot of under the hood fixes and subtle improvements with the biggest addition being the new Proactive assistant.

iPads, Macs, Apple Watch:

The Hey Siri event has two big pieces to go over with Apple’s most profitable piece in the iPhone, and the launch of an entirely new product line in the Apple TV. It wouldn’t make sense for Apple to cut stage time for either the iPhone or Apple TV. On the flip side, Apple doesn’t want to rush announcements for iPads, Macs, or the Apple Watch to take away from them, or clutter up the headlines for the new iPhones and Apple TV. Watch OS 2, and the iPad portions of iOS 9 will be included during the event, but the time spent on iOS 9, certainly leaves no extra time for any new hardware for iPads, Macs, or Apple Watch. The Apple Wacth will likely feature an update on progress of the new product line along with new band options to coincide with the launch of Watch OS 2. OS X El Capitan likely won’t be present either, and it makes sense that the Hey Siri event will be just about iPhones, iOS 9, and Apple TV. That leaves a potential October event open for the launch of the all new product, the iPad Pro along with iPad updates and Mac updates to go with OS X El Capitan.


The Hey Siri event is set to be a big one with the launch of the iPhone that will be available for the next year. The new Apple TV has the chance to be the star of the show with all that Apple has put into it over the years, and having it in a state finally ready to unveil. These two items will be the main emphasis of the event, and you can watch all of the announcement live on Apple’s website. We at Apple’N’Apps will also be covering all of the major announcements as they happen.


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