How The Apple Watch Try-On Process Works

The Apple Watch doesn’t arrive to the first pre-orders for a week, but you can try on the device at your local Apple Store. If you’re on the fence about picking one up, the try-on process can help a lot. The biggest question is whether to buy the device or not, but that overarching choice can come down to a lot of little concerns you can alleviate by trying one on. You may wonder how the device feels on your wrist, if you should go with 38mm or 42mm, or which band feels best on your skin. That’s what the try-on process is for.

Step 1: Set-up a reservation
The first thing you need to do is launch the Apple Store app, and set-up a time to try on the Apple Watch. On the Favorites tab, scroll down to the “Pick Your Favorite” section, and tap “schedule a try-on appointment”. The app then sends you to Safari where you can pick your state and your preferred store. Tap on a store, sign in with your Apple ID, and then pick a day and time to schedule your reservation. You can also perform the same exact process on the web, but following the link.
Step 3: Use your allotted time to the fullest
Step 2: Arrive a little early
Arrive a few minutes early and find an Apple store employee.

Each try-on reservation lasts for 15 minutes. There are no limits to the number of watches you can try on, and instead the only limit is time. Have an idea of what you want to try on, whether it’s to help you decide between 38mm and 42mm, or the sport band versus one of the other bands. The Apple employee will unlock a drawer of watches, and make sure to clean each watch before putting it on your wrist. You can try on sport, link, Milanese, leather, modern buckle, and classic buckle in both sizes if you’re quick. The try-on period can also be used to focus on two different types you’re deciding between, and try to get a real feel of the device on your wrist.

Step 4: Go hands-on with the Apple Watch UI
The try-on period is to help you get a good feel for the Apple Watch on your wrist. The try-on units are limited to video loops of Apple Watch apps and features. Once your try-on period is complete, you can go to the row of demo Apple Watches running the full UI. The working watches are locked into place, but you can still swipe your fingers all over the device to see the Watch UI in action. You can take as long as you want in the hands-on period to swipe up for glances, swipe through notifications, and launch various stock apps. There’s also the ability to scroll the digital crown to interact with the all new method Apple designed specifically for the watch.
Step 5: Pre-order, or not
After your try-on period, the Apple employee will ask if you want to pre-order the Apple Watch. Pre-orders are only done online, and there’s no difference pre-ordering in store, or at home on your device. There’s the same expected shipping time of June, and all Apple Watch orders will be delivered. There will be no in store pick-up, and no Apple Watches to buy at an Apple Store.

We hope this helps. One word of warning, if you don’t want to spend money on an Apple Watch, it’s best not to try one on. This is Apple’s finest crafted device to date, and you will remember the feel of the Apple Watch on your wrist. Personally, I found the 38mm Apple Watch Sport to fit like a glove on my wrist, and it didn’t have the bulkiness I was expecting in weight or overall dimensions. The sport band also doesn’t feel rubbery at all, and has a smooth feel that will have wide appeal.

Let us know if you try-on the Apple Watch and your experience with it.


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