iOS 7 Insight: Safari Now Gives You More Of The Web

When the first iPhone was introduced back in 2007, Apple positioned it as phone, music player, and web communicator. That third feature revolved around Safari, which was a mobile browser to give the full internet, minus Flash, rather than tiny mobile optimized pages. Here we are in 2013, and mobile Safari has been refined a lot since then, but it’s getting its biggest change yet in iOS 7. Safari has been completely redone to fit in with the design ideals of iOS 7 with the main focus being a full screen view. A given web page is now front and center, and it becomes even more so as the top and bottom menu bars recede as you start to scroll down a page. The controls pop right back up with an upward swipe, and it really highlights the iOS 7 design of the interface receding to focus on the content.
Another new feature in Safari is a unified search and address field that automatically suggests the closest terms or links, as you’re typing. The tab view has also been redone, so it resembles a file cabinet with a stack of open pages. You can swipe across an individual page to close that tab, and now Safari supports an unlimited number of tabs seen in the scrolling stack. Safari also has a new Reading List feature that connects directly to your Twitter feed for shared links to be in a separate tab within the bookmark menu. One other new feature is swipe gestures allowing you to swipe from the edge of the screen to move backward and forward through your web page browsing. The feature is best activated with your finger starting off the screen, and swiping from the edge of the device over the screen, either left or right. Finally, there’s iCloud keychain, which acts a bit like 1Password, and similar services by saving your username, passwords, and credit card numbers to enter them automatically at pages you specify. The service is part of iOS 7, but won’t be activated until OS X Mavericks comes out later this year, but when it is launched it will be one powerful feature that also offers 256-but AES encryption.

Safari is an all new browser in iOS 7 with a design that focuses on web pages, and smooth operation above all else.

*The video below is our in-depth walkthrough of all the new features with some how to tips, and tutorial of the many nuances. Safari begins at 5:54.


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