iOS 8 Insight: App Store Has New Tricks, No Treats

The App Store has been chugging along creating Apple’s most prolific digital marketplace, and yet the company has left it relatively unattended. That changes with iOS 8, as Apple finally gave the App Store some attention. There are quite a few little changes that revolve around finding apps, or at least finding popular apps. That’s most obvious when you tap the Search tab, and are presented with “Trending Searches” showing you what’s popular right now.
The Near Me tab has been rebranded as the Explore tab to offer what’s Popular near me, but now as just a single section of a new category list view. The Explore tab mainly focuses on sorting apps by categories, and then are presented with the popular, and featured apps of that category. Both instances claim to help, but all they do is reemphasize what’s popular, which you can already find in the top charts, which should be abolished already. No one needs help finding what’s popular, there are plenty of ways to do so, Apple needs to help good, yet relatively unknown apps be discovered.

One nice addition though, is the infinite scrolling search results to give you one long list to swipe through, rather than the atrocious box by box layout in iOS 7. You can view more apps much quicker when searching, as the entries don’t take up as much space either as you’re scrolling vertically. Apple also helped out developers with iOS 8 allowing the ability to create 30 second app previews, so you can view videos of apps, and not just screenshots. Developers can also bundle apps for a potential discount, and let users test their apps with TestFlight built-in.

The App Store has changes in iOS 8, but they don’t really help fix the problem of discoverability, which is the main problem with 1.3 million apps in the store. We now have three redundant ways to find what’s popular though.


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