iPhone 6 Buying Guide To Help You Pre-Order At 12:01AM Pacific

The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus will be available next Friday, September 19th, but you can pre-order this Friday, September 12th beginning at 12:01AM Pacific. There are usually quite a few choices when it comes to storage, color, and carrier, but Apple gave us the most choices ever with two new iPhones. We’re here to help you decide which iPhone to get, if you’re planning on pre-ordering tonight. Our iPhone 6 buying guide:
iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus:
This is a matter of personal preference, but the best way to decide is to print out the wireframe of the two devices, and tap them to some cardboard. Then try to hold the device, put it in your pocket, and think of your own personal use cases. The 5.5” 6 Plus is quite substantial, and the big thing in my testing is how big it feels when sitting in my pocket. It also feels quite huge when holding it up to my ear. Also, when using it, I found myself always holding it in my left hand, and tapping with my right, with no ability to use it in the hand I’m holding. Bigger hands may change that, but even with all of those points, there’s definite benefits with the bigger device.

The Plus comes with better battery life, optical image stabilization on the camera, and a neat landscape mode for stock apps, and potential third party updated apps. At the same time, it’s also $100 more expensive, and the iPhone 6 is still bigger than any previous iPhone. In fact, the 4.7” might be the Goldilocks of iPhones, as the cutout really feels good in one hand, while still giving you a bigger screen to look at. This is one of the toughest decisions Apple has given us to date, and it all depends on what you value, and how the cut out feels for your use cases.
Apple changed their storage options for the iPhone 6 line by removing the 32GB mid-tier, and replacing it with 64GB. Now, you can choose from 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB, with $100 between each tier. The fact that Apple still includes 16GB is offensive, but it’s still appealing if you rely on iCloud with the cheaper prices, and for not storing nude photos. The 64GB is probably the most appealing option as you’re getting double what was previously the mid-tier, while not breaking the bank with 128GB, which would seem to be overkill on the iPhone.

The iPhone 6/Plus come in space grey/black, gold/white, or silver/white. If you want a black front to your iPhone, then you only have one choice in space grey. If you prefer a white front iPhone, then you have two choices, though the gold still looks pretty tacky. Personal preference decides color, but the iPhone 6 line has new larger antenna gaps, which have to be taken into consideration. Apple’s attempt to try to match the color of the metal back, and gap filling really looks poor with space grey. The gold offers a two tone option with a white gap, while the silver looks the cleanest. The white front is also more appealing since the iOS 7 design shift as a lot more apps have emphasized white, and light color schemes, which fit better with the white frame.
The discussion of carrier could fill a few books, but we will try to keep it as short, and simple as possible. Carrier choice mainly comes down to where you live, and OpenSignal offers a great resource in finding coverage in your area. You can download the free OpenSignal app, or view the website to find how each of the four major U.S. carriers rank in your area along with a coverage map, and average speeds. It’s a deluxe resource to see if your current carrier is best, or if switching if your best choice.

A few aspects to consider beyond the coverage map are a few new features in the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6/Plus includes VoLTE, which is Voice over LTE, and provides “HD” voice for phone calls. Verizon is in the lead with VoLTE as it’s quickly being rolled out to everywhere they already offer LTE. AT&T has just begun the rollout, while T-Mobile is planning, and Sprint has been publicly quiet. Another benefit of VoLTE for Verizon is finally the ability to talk, and browse the web at the same time when having both connected. Apple also introduced WiFi calling, which only T-Mobile is set to be on board with at launch.

Check your upgrade eligibility:
To get the Apple advertised prices, you need to be eligible for an upgrade, and you can check. Simply go to the Apple Store app, and you will be presented with a main featured section titled “Upgrade your iPhone”. Once you tap on that, you’ll be presented with pricing, and there will be a button to check eligibility. From there, you enter your phone number, billing zip code, and last four digits of your social. You can also do it online.
Where To Pre-order:
You can pre-order the iPhone 6/Plus at the Apple Online Store as well as the four major carriers of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile. The best place to buy is actually the Apple Store App as it seems to provide the best connection. With that said, your individual carrier may have a better deal, or easier upgrade path if you have a special contract in place like a business account, grandfathered plan, or discounted family plan.

Be prepared:
Open your desired pre-order page, or app up, and set a reminder/alarm on your iPhone for 15 minutes before 12:01AM Pacific, and adjust for time zone if necessary. Then, hopefully get your information entered on the respective site, or have an auto-form to fill in your shipping, billing address, as well as your credit card number. Then start refreshing the page/app, and hope for the best.

The Final Verdict:
Through all of the different choices, we recommend the Verizon iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage in silver/white for $299. It’s really the best deal with $299 either giving you the 64GB iPhone 6, or the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus. Verizon has the best coverage of LTE nationwide as a general suggestion, and the silver/white is the best color combo. There may be a better choice for you, but no matter what you pick, be ready tonight, as demand will definitely be high.


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