Is The iPad Pro Worth It?

The iPad Pro is now available online and in stores around the world. The 12.9” iPad has the same problems as when Apple first unveiled it in September. The biggest problem with any bigger iPad is that it’s still running iOS. There are a number of valuable aspects of iOS, but not many are for a productive environment. The biggest missing part of iOS is a true file manager to quickly and easily access and switch through files. Then, there are simply tasks that can’t be done, or take a ton of extra unnecessary steps. Such as, trying to edit photos with advanced techniques and multiple photos/layers, create posts in WordPress, record podcasts/gameplay footage, import and edit podcasts/gameplay footage, capture any kind of audio, set-up video servers, and run a large type of job specific programs. You can’t even set default programs for web browser, e-mail, etc. in iOS.
Beyond the limitations of iOS, the biggest hurdle for the iPad Pro to overcome is Apple’s other offerings. The iPad Pro features split screen multi-tasking, picture in picture video, and access to all of the App Store. The iPad Air 2 offers all of the same features with the only real difference being a bigger screen. That larger screen doesn’t offer a higher PPI, so it’s the same app icon grid on the home screen, and the same interface elements of apps, just spread on a larger canvas. $799 is the cost of the cheapest iPad Pro configuration, but you need to add $268 worth of “optional” accessories that are actually essential for the distinction of the device. That’s $1,068, and you can get a MacBook Air in 11 or 13” for less. If you go with the 128GB iPad Pro instead of the minimal 32GB, you’re at $1,218 with the accessories, which is less than $100 away from the entry level MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro has the price of a Mac with capabilities that are no different than the existing iPad Air 2.

The iPad Pro is trying to be a response to other “all in one” tablets out there, but doesn’t go all in, in that regard. Since it tries to be like the others, it does share some of those short comings. The most noticeable one is the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard attached. Like all of these attachments on any tablets, it’s not the that sturdy in your lap, so it’s really meant for a desk. More importantly, the connected keyboard is better for typing, but it’s a disconnect for the touch based interface. Most of the interface elements are touch based, and it’s simply not ergonomic or convenient to keep going from typing to touch the upright screen, and back again. There’s not one single problem, and instead a number of hassles that you have to deal with when using the iPad Pro. When you drop around $1,000, you don’t want to have to put up with any kind of shortcomings.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s worst product in a long time which is pointless, and aimless going forward.


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