Is This The End Of Angry Birds? Have The Birds Finally Finished Off The Pigs?

The original Angry Birds was updated yesterday with 15 new levels to finish off the Mine and Dine Episode. The most noteworthy part of the aspect is that it just may be the very last level update for Angry Birds. Angry Birds Seasons and Rio still have a couple updates on track, but the one that started it all may have just seen its last chapter. The way the updated is worded provides some insight,


It’s the end of the line for the piggies, with the final update for Mine and Dine! The Angry Birds have followed them deep into their subterranean lair, and now there’s no place left to hide! Help the birds finish off those greedy piggies with your best bird-flinging moves in stylish new underground levels!

New Features in version 1.6.3:
– 15 pig-smacking new levels!
– Epic conclusion of Mine and Dine!
– Mighty Eagle still in business: Buy once, unlimited use!”

The update does just talk about the wrap-up of Mine and Dine, but it really sounds like the pigs have nowhere else to go. After reading this, I decided to play through all 15 new levels to see if there was some sort of conclusion. There’s nothing clearly saying it’s the end, but the final cut scene may be the only indication that is needed. At the end of every other chapter, the king pig is beaten up with a black eye, but always manages to snort and open his right eye. At the conclusion of Mine and Dine, the pig opens his eye a couple of times, but the scene closes with his eye closed.

It looks like the pigs have beaten him enough to finally kill the Pig King. What a journey it was through six episodes, 17 chapters, 288 levels, and all kinds of birds and pigs. Everything must come to an end, and we couldn’t expect Angry Birds to keep going for ever. Does this mean that Rovio is moving on to a true sequel, and not just a new themed version? Could they actually make a new game? We don’t know, but we do know that Angry Birds has seen its last episode, and we thank you Rovio for all your work.

Watch the video below to see all six cut scens at the end of each episode to see how the end of episode six, Mine and Dine, is different.

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