Looking Ahead To The Future Of Apple Watch

We will get the official details of the first generation Apple Watch on Monday. The Apple Watch has plenty of skeptics, especially based on what Apple has revealed to us thus far. The Apple Watch isn’t simply another generation iPhone or iPad, and instead a whole new computing platform. With that in mind, it’s more valuable to look ahead to what the Apple Watch could be potentially be down the road. The first iPhone offered a bare bones feature set without even apps, and yet today the iPhone 6 delivers so many utilities, many of which weren’t predicted back in 2007. The Apple Watch could see a similar trajectory, and while the first generation may be limited, we could be witnessing a whole new computing paradigm.
The Apple Watch of today has obvious computing limitations, most noticeably the tether to the iPhone. Also, the battery life is limited to a day, and there are few ways the Apple Watch can connect to the world around it. The future of the Apple Watch comes down to intelligently, and automatically connecting to the world. Context sensitivity is the space in which the Apple Watch will shine. The iPhone gives you a wealth of information, but you need to specifically search for that information whether it’s web searches, sports scores, movie showtimes, directions, restaurant ratings, etc. The Apple Watch is looking to go in a different direction to supply this information without you calling upon it, and there are numerous valuable possibilities.

A great example of the future of the Apple Watch is heading down to your local movie theater, and having the Apple Watch identify where you are. From there, when you glance at your watch, it will automatically pull up movie showtimes for the current theater based on the current time, as well as your movie interests. Another future use case is for dinner time, when you’re out with friends unsure where to go. The Apple Watch could identify it as dinner time, and automatically present the highest rated restaurant in your nearby vicinity. Then, the Apple Watch would give you walking directions, and preferably balance the choice based on your pricing and food type preferences. There’s also the potential of the Apple Watch not only showing your meetings, but information tied to those meetings whether it’s stock information for your broker meeting, client details for a business meeting, or simply background when meeting someone new.
The first generation Apple Watch will not have these capabilities, and it will definitely take time to get to that point. The future Apple Watch is contingent upon building an infrastructure for the Apple Watch to interact with the world around it. Once the Apple Watch can become more aware of its surroundings, it can give you more intelligent and automatic information. Other companies will need to embrace the Apple Watch whether it’s through iBeacons for hyper sensitive location tracking, compatible hotel key terminals, an extension of Apple Pay support terminals, and compatible cars for keys. Apple is starting the initiative on Monday, but it will take years for other companies to see any value in investing in Apple Watch compatible upgrades to their infrastructure. There will also need to be technology advancements on Apple’s part to extend battery life to days, and offer a stand alone model without the need for an iPhone.

Apple is hoping to create a new computer form factor with the Apple Watch, and what we see on March 9th is laying the ground work for a context sensitive device to enhance our lives.


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