Looking Forward To iOS 7 App Updates

iOS 7 is coming to an iOS device near you starting September 18th, and it’s set to deliver a monumental redesign that is the biggest change to iOS since its inception back in 2007. Apple has touched every pixel of their mobile operating system with a new minimalistic design that offers flat interface elements, stark coloring, and subtle depth with parallax effects. Each one of the 25 stocks apps has been redone as well with many focusing on just white or black coloring with subtle color distinctions. There is also all new translucency seen in Notification Center, Siri, and the new Control Center. Consistency is also a major point as seen in the flat tab bar, blue or pink menu accents, and overall flat layouts.
Apple has taken the lead on the all new design, and has even offered new APIs and design guidelines for third party developers. That means that we have a lot of app updates to look forward to starting this Wednesday, September 18th. iOS 7 will be adopted by millions on launch day, and developers have always done a good job in adopting new Apple technologies in each version of iOS. This time, there’s all new design work suggested, and we can’t wait to see the results. Just think of the apps you use on a daily basis, and how many of them have these glossy effects and faux realism, taking a cue from Apple’s design aesthetics up through iOS 6. Apple has made the big change, and now it’s developers turn, and a lot of the familiar apps could be seeing big changes.

During the iOS 7 event, Apple specifically mentioned OpenTable, Evernote, Zillow, and NBC with each one steam-pressing the menu bars, and inserting new flat interface elements. All four highlight the changes we’re to expect with clean interfaces with OpenTable looking like the iOS 7 App Store, Zillow & Evernote delivering flat blue and green top bars, respectively, and NBC overlaying a translucent menu over video thumbnails. Apple also showed an entire array of iOS 7 ready apps with an array that includes Twitter, TED, PayPal, Vimeo, and many more with all showing similar design ideas. In addition to the app interfaces, the icons are also due for updates to forgo the depth and gloss with all new flat icons.

September 18th is a big day for Apple, and it’s also a big day for the App Store as many of the major apps are set to get a whole new look and feel.


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