Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing Video – August 2016 Spider-Man

We focus on Apple and apps, but sometimes that connection extends to physical goods. Monthly mystery boxes with pop culture connections are becoming more and more prevalent. A number of them include Funko Pops as one of the included items, and Funko has leveraged that to make their own monthly subscription boxes. They have three monthly boxes with Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, and DC Legion of Collectors. Each box offers a bi-monthly subscription that retails for $25 plus $6.95 shipping. The Marvel Collector Crops August 2016 theme is Spider-Man, and here is all that’s included.

Marvel Collector Corps ($25/bi-monthly + shipping)

Every Marvel Collector Crops (MCC) box includes various Funko lines, and not just Funko Pops, though the exclusive Pops are the highlight. The August 2016 Pop is action pose Spider-Man that shows the web-slinger in mid leap with a clear base stand to suspend the pop in air. The pop uses the Spider-Man design from the Captain America Civil War 4 pack with a clean suit design as compared to the black lines of the original Spider-Man pop. It would be neat to see a little web shooting out from the Pop’s hand. Also, the Pop itself is very similar in form to the Leaping Deadpool Pop from the MCC February 2016 Deadpool box. The Avengers, Secret Wars, and Civil War boxes give you hope for two Pops in a box, but that’s not the case with Spider-Man.

The next big item instead of a second Pop is a Spider-man from the Funko Fabrikations lines. Fabrikations offer a similar design style as Pops, but in a bigger form factor with a plush outside. The Spider-Man version definitely has design appeal for a shelf, but Fabrikations are hit or miss with collectors as there’s nothing particularly distinct about them. Funko’s best boxes have included two pops and a shirt, and their worst boxes included an odd different Funko line instead of a second Pop and no shirt. Sadly, the Spider-Man box falls into the latter category with the Pop Top Spider-Man hat, instead of a T-shirt. Like the Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace box, the hat inclusion is a definite oddity. Less people wear hats than shirts, and hats allow for less design style than shirts. This particular Spider-Man hat is as generic as can be, with an odd great color choice. As in all of the MCC boxes, a comic, patch, and pin round out the box. All three aren’t box highlights, but they’re always nice to have and look good with the Spider-Man theme.

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most prolific Pop lines with variations that include Iron Spider, Black Suit Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, as well as bad guys including Green Goblin, Venom, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock, and more. The Spider-Man box has a ton of potential, and that makes it that much more disappointing. It makes sense for Funko to try and test out their other lines in these subscriptions, but they still need to understand many of their paying customers pay based on the past successful boxes with two pops and a shirt. Also, Funko included the Hobgoblin pop in the Year One anniversary special edition box, but the Hobgoblin is just a different paint job on their Green Goblin pop. It seems that originally Funko planned for action pose Spider-Man and Hobgoblin in the Spider-Man box, but came up with the $125 Year One box, and the $25 Spider-Man monthly box suffered because of that decision. That’s just speculation, but mugs, Fabrikations, and hats aren’t going to satisfy those looking for Pops and shirts. Funko has set a standard for their customers to expect, and changing that up a year down the road just doesn’t fit with the customer base they have built up.

The Marvel Collector Crops Spider-Man box is one of the Funko’s more disappointing MCC boxes and is one to skip.

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