Now Playing On Apple TV: Crossy Road

The 4th generation Apple TV has its very own App Store with all new apps and games to play on your TV. We’re going to highlight numerous new Apple TV apps and games with video in our new section, Now Playing On Apple TV.

Crossy Road - Endless Arcade HopperCrossy Road is a smash hit on iOS, and now it has hopped its way on to the Apple TV. The developers, Hipster Whale, showed the game off on the Apple TV at the Hey Siri event in September, and now everyone can play it. The same great Crossy Road style is now available to play on the big screen, and all of your unlocked characters transfer over.

The big new addition to Crossy Road on the Apple TV is head to head multiplayer. One player uses the Apple TV remote, and the other connects with the Crossy Road app on an iOS device. Simply go to the character select screen on the Apple TV, and then press the controller button on an iOS device. Once set-up, you both get to swipe forward, and you can even interact with one another to smack each other, or even block the path forward. There’s also a bit of co-op action as one player can continue after the other dies, and the dead player can respawn if the living player makes it far enough.

Crossy Road (Free, Universal) is a ton of fun, and the Apple TV version gives incentive to go back to the game, or get people playing that have never tried Crossy Road before.

Free, Universal


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