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The 4th generation Apple TV has its very own App Store with all new apps and games to play on your TV. We’re going to highlight numerous new Apple TV apps and games with video in our new section, Now Playing On Apple TV.

Does not CommuteDoes Not Commute launched earlier this year, and delivered a unique and excellently crafted iOS experience. The game is all about guiding cars from point a to point b, but the twist is that you need to keep guiding cards in the same area. The first car has wide open streets, but later cars need to avoid all of the previous cars that you have driven. The main challenge is that you have to drive past all of your own previous driving efforts, so your earlier driving performance will have an impact later on. It’s a fun mechanic for fresh chaos management that is presented with an outstanding physics engine, and great looking 3D design. There are also witty storylines for each of the drivers to add extra flair to the game.

Does Not Commute drives on to the Apple TV in its full form with various locations to manage the traffic at. The game is free on iOS, and the TV version is $2.99. There’s an in-app purchase on iOS to unlock the premium version with checkpoints for each location, and the Apple TV version launches with the checkpoints included. To control the cars on Apple TV, you tap on either the left or right side of the touch panel to steer. You can also rewind a poor run by pressing the Play/Pause button. Does Not Commute is better on the iPad than the iPhone due to the added screen space providing a better view of the birds eye perspective. With that in mind, the Apple TV version is better than the iPad to give you a better perspective of the traffic.

Does Not Commute ($2.99, Apple TV) is a great experience that is even better on the Apple TV.

$2.99, Apple TV


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