Now Playing On Apple TV: Into The Dead

Into the DeadWhen there’s a zombie apocalypse, what should you do? Run, at least according to Into the Dead, which is a new endless runner that changes it up a little by providing a first person perspective. Into the Dead presents an open field shrouded in fog with zombies slowly appearing in the distance as you travel forward. As you advance, you reach cornfields, forests, and more with an ever increasing number of zombies to avoid. You also have the chance to pick-up weaponry allowing you to blast through a few zombies in your path, but with limited ammo. The entire Into the Dead game is about establishing a horror filled atmosphere for an intense experience.

Into The Dead (Free, Universal) is immersive on the Apple TV, and the first person zombie action feels great on the big screen. You simply tap either side of the touch panel to dodge zombies, and tap to shoot with an emphasis on dodging zombies with your limited ammo.

Free, Universal


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