Now Playing On Apple TV: Pac-Man 256

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade MazePac-Man 256 launched back in August to offer an all new form of Pac-Man with an endless set-up. Rather than fixed mazes, and number of ghosts, the maze stretches upwards endlessly, and there are a ton of ghosts that keep on coming. You don’t have forever to chomp dots, as you need to stay ahead of the glitch that is eating up the maze down below. To further spice things up, Pac-Man 256 gives you all new power-ups beyond just the power pellet. Now, you can activate a laser, giant mode, freeze, and more to turn the tables on the ghosts. The game gets its name from the ability to chain together 256 consecutive eaten dots without a break to earn a bonus and temporarily clear the board.

Pac-Man 256 (Free, Universal) is now available in its full form on the Apple TV, and shinning on a big screen TV. You can swipe in all four directions on the touch panel of the Apple TV remote to control Pac-Man, or use an MFi controller for classic arcade styling.

Free, Universal


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