Now Playing On Apple TV: Party Pong

The 4th generation Apple TV has its very own App Store with all new apps and games to play on your TV. We’re going to highlight numerous new Apple TV apps and games with video in our new section, Now Playing On Apple TV.

Cup Pong, aka Beer Pong, is well known, and now you can play a similar set-up on the Apple TV. The game provides the classic set up of bouncing a ping pong ball across a table in an attempt to bounce it into one of 10 cups. On the Apple TV, you angle the remote to dictate the trajectory of your shot, and then swing the remote forward to set the power of your shot. The motion controls of Party Pong are reminiscent of League Star Bowling and Hit Tennis 3, but fashioned into an all new way to play.

Party Pong includes a great 3D physics engine for the ball to react as you would expect, including bouncing on the rims of cups. It’s a great engine to interact with to let you shoot with precision. You can play solo, and just keep bouncing balls, or you can play head to head with someone else. Either way, it’s a quick flow from shot to shot without any hassle of set-up or mess.

Party Pong (Free, Apple TV) offers a great way to play with others, while using the capabilities of the Apple TV.


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