Now Playing On Apple TV: Peg Ballet

The 4th generation Apple TV has its very own App Store with all new apps and games to play on your TV. We’re going to highlight numerous new Apple TV apps and games with video in our new section,“>Now Playing On Apple TV.

One difference with Apple TV gaming compared to iOS gaming is that the Apple TV opens up playing with others gathered together. Having a game up on the TV allows everyone to see it, and interact. Peg Ballet is a new multiplayer Apple TV game from Noodlecake Studios that excels with others gathered around a TV. The core mechanics of Peg Ballet are like Peggle with a pachinko board of pegs to clear.

In Peg Ballet, each player has a different colored ball, and the goal is to collect the most pegs. Each peg lights up with the player’s color who hits it, and it’s a race to hit pegs with multiple players sending their ball into the pegs at once. Pegs only count if the ball lands in the moving bucket at the bottom of the screen, but if the ball misses, those pegs are up for grabs again. The main twist is boost, and there’s one touch gameplay to tap to use boost with an infinite amount. You can try to collect as many pegs as possible, or try to quickly bank the pegs you have gotten. There are 16 different layouts to play, and each time it can be different depending on who you’re playing with. Two people can use the Apple TV remote, and the game supports MFi controllers, and has a companion app for iOS devices to support up to eight simultaneous players.

Peg Ballet ($0.99, Apple TV) is a great way to play together on the Apple TV.


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