September 12th Event Wishlist: What We Want To See

The iPhone 5 announcement is mere hours away, and while we wait we can sit back and daydream about what the next device could hold. There are plenty of rumors and speculation, but the list below is based on pure desire. We will have a separate article of what to realistically expect, but this is a wishlist of what could be. The best part of the pre-event, before 10 AM September 12th, is that anything is possible. With that in mind, we have a wishlist of our own of what we want to see Apple reveal tomorrow.

Availability: This is the ultimate wish as anything could be announced, but it means less if we have to wait any longer. It’s been 11 months since the last iPhone, and we just hope the next generation is available ASAP after the event. This also goes for the launch of iOS 6.

4G LTE: The roll out of 4G technology has been slow, to say the least, but it has finally reached a point where you can get a solid LTE connection in most major metropolitan areas across the country. When you buy a phone, you will be locked into a contract for the next two years, and we would like to see an iPhone that is somewhat future proof, at least for two years.

Battery: We’re just looking for the battery life of the iPad now on the iPhone. Any great features of the iPhone, or any phone, are pointless if you don’t have any juice.

A Redesigned iPhone: The current 3.5” screen with headset slot on top and home button on bottom is great, but after 5 years it’s time to see something new. There’s bezel on the top and bottom the shrink, and that’s exactly what Apple looks like they’re doing. It would be nice to see a bigger screen without a bigger bulge in the pocket, and again that seems to be Apple’s goal. I personally have an iPad for bigger screen app use, so the iPhone doesn’t need to be too much bigger. A redesign with more solid construction and less shattering glass would also be nice. I also like the curved aluminum back of the iPad, for the iPhone, though Apple seems to be sticking with the box design.

Improved Front-Facing Camera: Apple has stuck with a bare-bones front camera for too long. It would be such an improvement to see an HD front facing camera for FaceTime, and even a 2 MP lens for better profile shots.

Zoom Lens & Improved Camera Sensor: The iPhone 4S already has an 8MP camera, but adding more megapixels doesn’t improve pictures. Zoom is so important to photos, and 3X optical zoom lenses are becoming smaller and smaller. Also, it would be great to see a further enhanced light sensor, and image processing unit ti improve upon the enhanced optics of the 4S.

iPhone 5 Software Specific Feature: We’re hoping that hidden in the recesses of iOS 6 is a software feature that only works on the iPhone 5. Last year it was Siri in iOS 5 for the iPhone 4S only, and this year could see a special version of Maps, Passbook, or something new entirely that has specific features on the iPhone 5.

NFC: Near filed communications in the iPhone would be an interesting feature allowing you to pay for various purchases with just your iPhone instead of plastic cards. Imagine simply waving your iPhone to make a transaction, instead of pulling out your wallet. You could also transfer files directly to another iPhone 5 user. Apple is getting their chips from Qualcomm, which also makes an NFC world mode chip, and it’s expected that Apple adds NFC in the future. The only question is if it will be in this generation or the next.

Enhanced Notification Center: Wouldn’t it be cool if Notification Center has more going on with a quick settings panel for Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplane mode? You could even read messages, your Twitter feed, or news articles right within Notification Center without going to the individual app. All wishful thinking, but would be a great improvement.

Prepaid iPhone: The iPhone is great, but having to pay about $70 month on any provider, is excessive. We would love to see an option for a GoPhone style plan where we could pay for minutes. Also a data only plan would be great to have it more like the iPad, and use VOIP apps for calling.

Fingerprint Scanner: Apple acquired a company that specializes in fingerprint scanners, and it could act as an extra security level for NFC payments, or simply unlocking your iPhone. Practical, not so much, super cool, definitely.

3D Display: Wouldn’t it be amazing if depth was added to the screen, so you could see deep into movies and games? If the Nintendo 3DS and HTC Evo 3D can do non-glasses 3D, then so can Apple especially at the 4” screen size. It would be amazing to see, and the app possibilities would be off the charts.

Wireless Charging: You would no longer need to plug in your device every night to charge it, and instead could just place it on a mat. You can do it right now with an accessory, but Apple’s own inductive charging system would be great, and a bit similar to the original Palm Pre. Maybe even a charging system that works more like WiFi compared to an actual mat, where your device just connects to start charging with no extra cases, cables, or mats (like the patent below).

iPhone Smart Cover: Wouldn’t it be neat to have a little smart cover for your iPhone? It would be similar to the iPad to turn on and off the screen, and could prop up your iPhone to watch movies, or type.

Mini Projector: Rather than streaming your content to an AppleTV via AirPlay, you could just have a mini projector built-in. Then you could show videos, presentations, and more on any empty wall.

Holographic Keyboard: How about if you could simply swipe on the keyboard, and the device sends out a holographic version of a full size keyboard. Then you could simply type on the holographic keyboard, and the laser sensors could pick up exactly where you type as you use a full sized keyboard. It’s a wishlist after all, and the video below puts it into perspective.

Rubber-band Electronics: This is a wishlist after all, and this video concept is absolutely mind blowing. Imagine if your iPhone hardware resized. I want this.

A Surprise: This is the one we wish for the most. It would be amazing for Tim Cook to come out on stage with the dummy iPhone 5 that has been leaked all across the web. Show it off, introduce it as the iPhone 5, and then say, “just kiddin'”. Then proceed to slam it into a trash can, and pull out the real deal that no one has seen before.


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