Five Smash Hit Tips For Smashing Success

smash_hitSmash Hit has lived up to its name to top the App Store charts, and deservedly so. It’s an amazing iOS experience with an immersive set-up to pit you in gorgeously designed 3D worlds. It’s an endless flyer unlike any other as you toss steel balls to break through glass obstacles. The physics engine is absolutely superb offering authentic glass shattering effects based on the trajectory of each ball that you toss. There are 11 worlds to make your way through, and the challenge, and ornate nature continues to increase as you go.

It’s easy enough to get started as you tap the screen to toss balls to break on through the glass obstacles, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. We’re here to help you be the best Smash Hit player you can be with five Smash Hit tips to make you a smashing success.
1.) Conserve your balls
It’s easy to just annihilate the glass in front of you by just whipping out those steel balls, but your collection of balls is limited. You want to conserve them the best you can, so be careful with your shots. Aim a single ball at a specific spot, as you just need to make a hole through an obstacle, rather than destroy the whole thing. Your ball collection is also maintained from world to world, so you always want to keep it as high as possible, as it will help you later on.

2.) Hit consecutive pyramids & diamonds
One way to get more balls is to hit the pyramids, and diamonds that appear in the worlds. They will give you an extra three, or five balls respectively, but there’s a greater benefit in play. If you hit ten pyramids, and diamonds in a row without missing, then you get multi-ball. That means you toss two balls for every one that you throw. It only counts as one shot, but two balls go flying towards the object, and it’s a key in helping you make a path forward, while conserving your ammunition.

3.) Gauge the trajectory of your shot
You tap the screen to toss a ball, but it isn’t a straight line since you’re throwing, rather than shooting from a gun. The balls will fly at an angle, and you want to get an idea of the trajectory in play in Smash Hit. There’s no better way to conserve your balls, or hit consecutive pyramids than to know the way the ball is going to fly to its target. It may take a couple runs to nail down just how the balls will fly, but it’s a key component in long term success. The balls will have a downward trajectory, so it’s best to aim a little higher, and watch it slope downwards into the target.

4.) Focus on what’s right in front of you
The best way to manage the trajectory is to focus on the targets right in front of you to minimize the distance your ball will travel. The shorter the distance, the less time the ball has to fall off based on the force of a toss. There will always be targets in the distance, but if you wait until they’re close, you will have a lot less wasted shots. Your accuracy will increase greatly to help you conserve balls, and maintain consecutive hits against the pyramids. All four tips really tie together to help you last as long as possible in Smash Hit.
5.) Pick up the $1.99 in-app purchase
You may be hesitant to spend money in a “free” game, but there’s just a one-time $1.99 in-app purchase that greatly improves the long term enjoyment of Smash Hit. The main component of the in-app purchase is checkpoints allowing you to reach world four, and restart at that world, rather than going back to one. Since there are eleven beautiful, and varied worlds in Smash Hit, you will want to see them all. The in-app purchase helps you do so, especially since you won’t get bored with the monotonous same beginning each time. There will be incentive to come back, and you get to restart at a harder difficulty. The in-app purchase also lets you continue your runs across iPhone and iPad.

Smash Hit (Free, Universal) is an ornate piece of game design that offers a lot to enjoy, and a great way to do so is by following our five Smash Hit tips above.


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  1. Hoodoo12345 March 13, 2014 at 3:29 AM -

    Great game and VERY addictive, ive got my whole family playing it now:)

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