Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Unboxing Video – July 2016 Jabba’s Palace

We focus on Apple and apps, but sometimes that connection extends to physical goods. Monthly mystery boxes with pop culture connections are becoming more and more prevalent. A number of them include Funko Pops as one of the included items, and Funko has leveraged that to make their own monthly subscription boxes. They have three monthly boxes with Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, and DC Legion of Collectors. Each box offers a bi-monthly subscription that retails for $25 plus $6.95 shipping. The Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty July 2016 theme is Jabba’s Palace, and here is all that’s included.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty ($25/bi-monthly + shipping)

Every Smuggler’s Bounty box includes various Funko lines, and not just Funko Pops, though the exclusive Pops are the highlight. The July 2016 Pop is R2-D2 bartender from Jabba’s sail barge. The R2 pop isn’t technically even from Jabba’s Palace, but it does deliver a really neat mold. There are a lot of details in the drink tray apparatus to accent the nature of R2 in Pop form. The disappointment isn’t in the R2 Pop, but rather than there is only one pop, rather than two. The Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order boxes all featured two Pops, and were well worth the price. Also, the Jabba’s Palace theme makes you think of Han in Carbonite or Lando in Disguise, but neither were included.

Beyond the Pop, this month’s box included a C-3PO themed hat as part of the new Funko Pop Tops line. It seems the hat was included rather than the expected T-shirt further increasing the disappointment. For the main Jabba’s Palace item, it’s a Pop Home! Jabba mug that offers a neat design, but a rather awkward drinking cup. Finally, there’s a plush Boba Fett, which is another new line, this one Plush as compared to Funko’s existing Mopeez line. Each Funko box also features a pin and a patch with the ones in this box featuring Gamorrean Guard and Boushh, respectively.

The July 2016 Smuggler’s Bounty may be the worst from Funko yet because it fails on the promise of the theme, and offers an odd collection of items. Funko’s best boxes have featured two Pops and a T-shirt as shown by the Bounty Hunters, Cantina, and First Order themes. Jabba’s Palace offers a Cup and Plush in place of the second Pop and a hat instead of a T-shirt. The replacements in the formula of two pops and a shirt are substandard in comparison. Most people wear shirts rather than hats, and more people collect Pops than mugs and plushes, especially when signed up for a Funko product. It makes sense that Funko is experimenting with new lines, but the experimentation should be just one at a time in addition to two pops and a shirt, rather than three experimentations in one box.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace is not worth the $32 price tag, and is a negative on Funko’s track record that will likely lower subscribers of the next box in September.

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