The 100 Best Games Of 2011: Complete List #1-100

2011 has come and gone, and we’ve taken a look back at all of the best games of 2011 from 100 all the way down to one. Now we have the complete list of all 100 of the best games of the year. Thousands upon thousands of games have been released this year, and we have narrowed it down to the best of the best. Our rankings are from a five person panel focusing on value, comparison to other games, and overall enjoyment & experience.

We broke down the list in the following order,

Now we have one succinct list beginning with our Game of The Year for 2011.

Game of the Year 2011:

wheres_my_water1 Where’s My Water? ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Where’s My Water hits all the right notes for a squeaky clean release that is just bursting with charm and fun. There’s really nothing not to like about this physics puzzler, and it’s a game that can appeal to all ages. There is a brilliant difficulty curve, and all of the updates have presented so many levels to enjoy. The three rubber ducky scoring system, and hidden objects in the dirt add to the replay factor nicely. Where’s My Water is an absolute must buy for the minimal price that you will love every minute of interacting with. The game is one of the best in the App Store, and it deserves a nice clean place on your iOS device. That’s why it’s our 2011 Game of The Year, and one of the very best iOS games ever made.


modern_combat3.jp2 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: A vast improvement over the high quality Modern Combat 2. Modern Combat 3 pushes the bounds of what iOS gaming is capable of, and sets the standard. This is the closest thing to console quality yet in terms of graphics, and depth of gameplay. There is so much variation in what you face, and the environments are so deluxe making for the most advanced game in the App Store. Modern Combat 3 is a must buy that is simply the closest thing to a full on console experience yet made for iPhone and iPad. This is truly the first of the next generation of iOS gaming, and has raised the bar at which future games will be judged by.

spy_mouse3 Spy Mouse ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: The game was hyped to a level not seen by many iOS games, and a game from Firemint and EA deserves high expectations. The best thing about Spy Mouse is that it actually does live up to expectations which is quite an accomplishment in its own right. Spy Mouse gets it all right with beautifully balanced gameplay, outstanding design, smooth controls, great theme incorporated throughout, and plenty of levels that you’ll want to complete. Spy Mouse is a must buy for only $0.99 that is the new definition of an iOS game. You’ll enjoy every minute of sneaking about and collecting cheese. It really is amazing that such a game can sell for a single $1, and you just have to take advantage of that.

contre_jour4 Contre Jour ($0.99, iPhone$2.99 HD) [Review]: One of the most amazing iOS experiences regardless of category. The game follows great Chillingo physics puzzlers like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and Feed Me Oil and is easily the best of the bunch. Contre Jour is an absolute must buy for every iOS device owner which you just won’t be able to get enough of.

infinity_blade_II5 Infinity Blade II ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: The sequel picks up right where the original left off, and gives you much more depth to the same overall style. The gameplay is something that is perfect for touch, enjoyable throughout, and one you’ll keep coming back to. The addition of multiple environments, a much more fleshed out story, and more paths to choose from really enhance what was such a great game to begin with. The game is beautiful to say the least, and is quite simply one fo the best games avialable on any mobile platform.

Complete List:

Death Rally6 Death Rally ($0.99, Universal)[Review]: The game is absolutely phenomenal as it combines racing and destruction in a gorgeous package. The game is bursting with levels to play, and has been updated five times with big additions. Death Rally is packed with action, and is one of the best in the App Store. Death Rally is just one game, but it improves the entire game catalog of the App Store. Death Rally is a must buy for only $2.99, especially if you love action.

bmxicon7 Touchgrind BMX ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: It may just be the best sports sim in the App Store with great level design, physics engine, and amount of fun. Once you start playing the game, you’ll be hooked on doing bigger and better tricks. Touchgrind BMX is a must buy for $4.99 that provides an amazing experience, that feels so natural, and as close to riding a bike as possible on an iPhone.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP8 Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP ($4.99, Universal): A game unlike any other, and an experience unmatched in the App Store or on any other platform. From the very beginning you know you’re in for a treat that is completely different. Superbrothers is more of an experience than a game with the audio, visuals, and mystery. It’s a great time spent, though there are a few slow points as you retrace your steps or explore pointless building from time to time. You really have to experience it for yourself, and if you have an iPad to try it on, you’ll see what the device can do differently. It’s so good that you want to savor it, and carve out time in your day to come back to it, which not many iOS games can say.

download9 Casey’s Contraptions ($2.99, iPad) [Review]: It’s without a doubt one of the best games ever made for the iPad. It really has everything you could want, and provides one of the most entertaining gaming experiences in the App Store, or anywhere. Casey’s Contraptions is an absolute must buy for $3 that should be enjoyed on every single iPad as it appeals to every type of user.

reckless_getaway10 Reckless Getaway ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The game never has a dull moment, and the gameplay is just so much fun. The game has a great design, and the gameplay is even better making it such an enjoyable experience you just can’t put it down. Reckless Getaway is a must buy for $3 that is one of the most action packed and simply fun games in the App Store.

scribblenauts_remix11 Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: One amazing gaming experience that you just won’t be able to get enough of. There are practically no limits to what you can create, and it’s great seeing anything you can think of come to life. The game also includes a Sandbox mode for your imagination to run wild, and we just can’t give enough credit to the developer’s imaginations to create it all to be requested. Scribblenauts Remix is a must buy that combines puzzles and creations for a really enjoyable and unique experience that is unmatched.

anomaly_warzone12 Anomaly Warzone Earth ($0.99, iPhone$1.99, iPad) [Review]: The game reinvents an entire genre, and blows away any similar games in the process. Playing the invaders trying to get through the towers keeps you engaged in the action throughout, and there’s plenty of action as well. The game is exceptionally well designed, and the gameplay is still even better making this one of the best iOS gaming experiences available. Anomaly Warzone Earth is a must buy for the price that can appeal to anyone, and all will enjoy every single minute of playing it.

dark_meadow13 Dark Meadow ($5.99, Universal) [Review]: A thrilling iOS gaming experience that perfectly balances horror filled exploration and creepy battle sequences. The game is exceptionally well designed to full immerse you in the Dark Meadow world. Once you start you’ll just want to finish, and it’s just so great moving about the hospital, using the crossbow, and then finishing with the sword. Dark Meadow is one of the very best iOS games, and is an experience not to be missed, making it a must buy for the price. Also a word of warning, don’t play this one in the dark.

groove_coaster14 Groove Coaster ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: An amazing audio visual experience that completely immerses you. The game tantalizes your senses, and is such a treat to your eyes, ears, and fingers. Groover Coaster is an absolute must buy that is the definitive music game in the App Store, and one of the best games overall.

Dead Space™15 Dead Space ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) Now you can immerse yourself in the world of Dead Space as EA has transferred the console game to iOS. The game gives immersion a whole new meaning as the iOS version of Dead Space pits you right in the suit of the main character. There’s plenty of action, and all of it is up close and personal as enemies pop up anywhere and at any time always keeping you on edge. Like Dark Meadow, this is a game that you don’t want to play in the dark. Dead Space is a great addition to the App Store that does the franchise proud.

coin_drop16 Coin Drop ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: An iOS gaming masterpiece that combines all the elements to make such an entertaining gaming experience. The game actually builds upon Peggle, which is a great feat in itself, and improves it. You’ll just keep coming back to it over and over, and there’s not one moment that you won’t have a smile on your face while playing it. Everyone who plays Coin drop will fall in love with it, and it’s a must buy.

temple_run17 Temple Run (Free, iPhone) [Review]: The game really gets everything right so there’s never a dull moment, and so much entertainment throughout. Temple Run has a brilliant pace as you face all kinds of obstacles with each requiring different actions. There is an exquisite design from the silky smooth controls to the excellent visuals. Overall, the gameplay is just so engaging that you’ll keep coming back to it, and the style is perfect for short bursts, and you’ll be surprised after you’ve been enjoying it for an hour. Temple Run is a must buy for $1 that is the best endless running game in the App Store that you’ll love every minute of.

tiny_tower18 Tiny Tower (Free, Universal) [Review]: The game comes with great bit graphics which just seem to fit with the whole tiny theme. There is also a lovely soundtrack which further enhances the overall experience, and they’re the kind of tunes you wish they played in elevators. Tiny Tower is the best simulation game so far for iOS, which you’ll likely play more than any other game released this year. There’s so much to do each and every time you enter the app, and it’s so much fun growing your bustling tower ecosystem. There’s not much more to say about Tiny Tower. It’s one of the best downloads you can make on your iOS device, and it’s an app that is dock worthy.

jetpack_joyride19 Jetpack Joyride (Free, Universal) [Review]: A must buy for the minimal price, and it would be tough to put this game in front of any iOS device owner, and find they didn’t enjoy it. The game is the new definition of iOS gaming with the casual pick up and play style that’s main challenge is trying to put it back down. Halfbrick has done it again, and Jetpack Joyride is their best game yet.

fifa_1220 FIFA Soccer 12 ($0.99, iPhone$0.99, iPad) [Review]: The best sports game in the App Store with the free flowing nature and authentic style. The gameplay is simply superb because of the open world feel which lets you react to the realistic ball bounces, and player movements. EA must have a different team in charge of their Fifa franchise as compared to their other sports games. because this one is simply great. Fifa 12 is a must buy for the price that soccer and non-soccer fans will throughly enjoy.

shadowgun21 Shadowgun ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Quite simply, right at the top of the current pinnacle of iOS gaming, and this is one of the most advanced games to date. It’s one of the few to comes close to delivering console style gaming to iOS devices. The game isn’t a ground breaking shooter in overall gaming, but it’s ground breaking on the iOS platform, though the style is similar to quite a few console shooter games over the years. Shadowgun is a must buy for the $3 price tag that is well worth it for the enjoyable time you will spend blasting away enemies, and appreciating the beautiful design.

Mage Gauntlet22 Mage Gauntlet ($1.99, iPhone) [Review]: Puts the action in action RPG, and makes it one of the best, if not the best in the genre. Once you begin, you’ll want to get through every single enemy in the game, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. The game perfectly embodies the past, while providing such a smooth experience for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The actions sequences can’t be praised enough because there are simply so many. The game is overloaded with action, personality, and most importantly fun that makes it the best of the genre in the App Store.

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™23 NBA Jam ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) [Review]: One of the best sports game in the App Store, and it has made a perfect transition to iOS. If you’ve experienced NBA Jam you know the game style, and I can say without a doubt it’s perfectly rendered for iOS, and EA deserves commending. If you’ve never heard of the game it’s arcade basketball which is equally amazing to play and watch. The game is always moving at high speed, and there is never a dull moment on offense or defense as your jamming the turbo button, and going all out. NBA Jam is a must buy for $4.99, and this is truly where amazing happens.

Tiny Wings24 Tiny Wings ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: The game is absolutely perfect for iOS. The game is super easy to control, but with a surprising amount of complexity. It’s great to play in short bursts or extended sessions. Every single aspect of the game is exceptionally well designed. You really can’t help, but fall in love with the game. Tiny Wings is a must buy for only $0.99 that truly soars above the competition

poker_pals25 Poker Pals ($1.99 iPhone$1.99, iPad) [Review]: One of the best games around to truly take advantage of the interconnectivity of iOS devices. The poker battle gameplay is superb, and it’s so enjoyable for each and every match you play. The tide can always turn with combos as the board fills up, and there are four wildcards in the corners of the grid for even higher scoring potential. The game features a highly polished design, and virtually no load times to jump right back into any and all of your matches. Poker Pals is the best online turn based game in the App Store that you will no doubt love every minute of.

drawrace226 DrawRace 2 ($0.99, iPhone$2.99, iPad) [Review]: An amazing sequel, and an even better touch based experience. This is how you redefine a genre while delivering amazing visuals, controls, and content. There is just so much to do with plenty of single player challenges, as well as seamless online multiplayer. DrawRace 2 is a must buy, as anyone will love skillfully drawing their path, and then focusing intently on how the race turns out.

iblast_moki227 iBlast Moki 2 ($0.99, iPhone$2.99, iPad) [Review]: Improves upon many aspects of the original to create a whole new enjoyable game. There are a ton of levels, each presenting a unique test that will really make you think. The same great style remains, but is further enhanced. iBlast Moki 2 is a must buy for the price as it provides engaging puzzles as part of a bigger and better package than the outstanding original.

edge_extended28 EDGE Extended ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: The game continues the great Edge action, and extends it with new obstacles, gameplay elements, and a new graphics engine. This is one of the most intricate platformers on any platform, and it fits so well in the iOS world. EDGE Extended is a must buy for only $0.99 that you will thoroughly enjoy every aspect of.

skryrkz29 Mighty Fin ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: As good as a one touch game can be, and you’ll end up playing it more than the complex console games. The game is perfect to play in the few spare minutes in your day, but you can play for a lot longer as well. The game is wonderfully designed in every regard, and gives you so much to enjoy. Mighty Fin takes the basic Tiny Wings gameplay, and improves upon it in every way, which is quite an achievement in itself. Mighty Fin is a must buy for only $1, that has all the potential to be your new go to game.

epoch30 EPOCH ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Isn’t quite the epitome of epic iOS gaming, but it’s definitely a great game. The game redefines what you expect from a shooter with the engaging gameplay style and brilliant touch controls. The game features a deluxe single player campaign which immerses you in the action and storyline to keep you engaged throughout. The cover shooter gameplay outshines even the amazing Unreal powered 3D environments and animations. It’s always great to see a game that thinks up a whole new control scheme rather than shoehorning in a virtual joystick and action buttons.

Back to the Future Ep 1 HD31 Back To The Future Episodes ($2.99 Each, iPad): All five episodes are combined as one entry for our Best of 2011 list, and they make the franchise proud. There is an outstanding storyline with great interactive features. The game has exceptional art design, and runs beautifully on the iPad 2. The experience is one of the most engrossing in the App Store as though you’re interacting with a movie. Back To The Future Episode 1 is a must buy, making it great for fans and non-fans alike.

gta332 Grand Theft Auto 3 ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The game itself isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not enjoyable as you complete missions related to the dark underbelly of society. There’s so much to see and do as you collect weapons, get in firefights, and avoid the cops. Grand Theft Auto 3 is a must buy that is definitely a great gaming experience that iOS owners can finally enjoy. The overall experience improves the game catalog of the App Store, and iOS is better because if its availability.

JellyCar 333 JellyCar 3 ($0.99, Universal): The squishiness of everything in the world really makes it a gaming experience unlike any other, and makes it fun to watch and play. The game offers amazing value, and is just so much fun especially by going back to the game’s roots and simply enhancing it in a few key ways. JellyCar 3 is a must buy for only $1 that will bounce right into your heart.

flipship34 FlipShip ($0.99, UniversalLite) [Review]: The game simply focuses on extraordinary gameplay which makes it enjoyable each and every time you open the app. The combo mechanic of flipping to store points is amazing, and changing your attack mentality between attacking and dodging the different colors is so engaging. The game does a great job of keeping you coming back for more, as you always have a feeling that you can do better the next time when changing you flipping strategy. FlipShip is a should buy for the price that is one of the most enjoyable iOS games out there, that can be fun for everyone.

blueprint3d35 Blueprint 3D ($0.99, iPhone$2.99, iPad) [Review]: A completely new puzzle experience that is great for the touch screen. The game is overloaded with levels, and each one is so neat to discover just by dragging your finger on screen The game is a bit easy as you use the same methods of rotation to unveil the objects, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. There is also an amazing design with the 3D effects of each object. Blueprint 3D is a must buy that is one of the best puzzle games in the App Store and anywhere.

dreamscape36 Dream:scape ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: An intriguing experience that is definitely worth playing through. The game isn’t without its problems, but a number of updates have smoothed out the overall experience considerably. The story that you uncover may be the most interesting in the App Store, and it’s very memorable for a mobile game. Dream:scape has received a number of refinements, to make it an experience not to be missed.

aynej37 Feed Me Oil ($0.99, iPhone$1.99, iPad) [Review]: Another superb physics puzzle game in the App Store that combines excellent gameplay and great style. The game is packed with personality from each creature you feed to the unique art style. The oil physics is superb so that it flows and reacts just as you would imagine. Feed Me Oil is a should buy for a $1 that gives a new meaning to oil slick.

match_panic38 Match Panic ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: A game that is super easy to pick up, but so hard to put down. It’s the perfect game to play in short bursts, and has all the makings to be your next go to game when you’re waiting in line somewhere. Match Panic is a should buy that will give you so a great deal of enjoyment for the minimal price point.

zombieville239 Zombieville USA 2 ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: It does everything a sequel should do by taking the original, and adding a whole bunch to it. There’s a whole new gameplay model, new level structure, and tons of additional unlockables. Zombieville 2 enhances the outstanding original in every way giving you tons to enjoy with even more action. Zombieville 2 is a should buy for being a great game for iOS with cartoon zombie shooting mayhem.

Angry Birds Rio40 Angry Birds Rio ($0.99 iPhone$2.99 iPad) [Review]: Offers more great physics puzzle fun to please the millions of Angry Birds fans. The game doesn’t offer up many new aspects from the original (a 2009 release), and is really just more of the same; though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Angry Birds Rio has better visuals, improved physics, new obstacles, boss battles, and more personality. Angry Birds Rio is a should buy for any iOS user, and doesn’t disappoint.

flick_golf_extreme41 Flick Golf Extreme ($2.99, iPhone) [Review]: It’s such a great way to play golf as all the slow moving tedious nature of the sport is stripped out. All that’s left is fast paced flicking fun that you can do over and over again. The new extreme levels are even more enjoyable, and every aspect is quite nicely designed. Flick Golf Extreme is a should buy for $3, that is one of the best sports and arcade games around.

PAC'N-JUMP42 Pac’N-Jump ($1.99, Universal): A vertical jumping game like Papi or Doodle Jump, but with a Pac-Man theme. You tilt to guide Pac-Man jumping upwards between platforms. The highlight of the game is the combination of boosts, power-ups, and obstacles. You unlock new themes beyond the Pac-Man board including Galaga, Rally-X, and Mappy. In true Pac-Man style there are power pellets which let you eat ghosts and the other themed enemies. It’s the best endless jumping game of the year.

anodiaicon43 Anodia ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: It truly does reinvent the arcade classic brick breaking genre, and does it in a very well designed way. The moving objects are unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and all the varying types of objects make it that much better. There is a ton to do, and all of it is wrapped up in a beautiful package. Anodia is a should buy for only $1 that will keep you entertained throughout.

Mega Mall Story44 Mega Mall Story ($3.99, iPhone): Kairosoft has really made a name for itself with their simulation games, and they released a number of them in 2011 following their break out hit, Game Dev Story. Mega Mall Story lets you manage a shopping mall, where you add new stores, floors, and all of the amenities. You will be hooked right away, and there are no freemium limits to playing, like in Tiny Tower. The best aspect is seeing your mall take shape, and then all of the customers bustling about. When you think iOS simulation, you need to think Kairosoft, and Mega Mall Story is their best.

mini motor racing45 Mini Motor Racing ($1.99, iPhone$3.99, Universal) [Review]: It’s a great arcade racer, that isn’t quite perfect because the difficulty curve is too easy. The base game is exquisite, and there’s a lot to it as well with 20 different tracks, and over 100 career races across multiple cups. Mini Motor Racing is a should buy for the price with a lot to enjoy, but takes awhile to tap into the hectic action.

Hard Lines46 Hard Lines (Free, Universal): The game takes the classic Tron light cycles style to the next level. There are six different game modes as you guide your line to survive, dodging enemy’s lines, and trying to get others to crash into your line. It’s one of the most action packed games in the App Store, that is perfect on the touch screen.

SpellTower47 Spell Tower ($1.99, Universal): A completely unique word game that is made for iOS from the ground up, rather than being just another clone, shoe-horned in. There are four different game modes that add strategy to the word puzzle game as you drag over the letters to form words. You can create words from letters that are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal providing so many possibilities. It is simply one of the best word games in the App Store.

cut_the_rope_experiments48 Cut The Rope: Experiments ($0.99, iPhone$1.99, iPad) [Review]: More great puzzle fun with a style that is just perfect for pick up and play on a mobile basis. Every level offers a unique challenge that never is too hard, but never too easy. Cut The Rope: Experiments offers more of the same outstanding gameplay, and ZeptoLab has updated it at the same pace of the original (a 2010 release), making it a should buy.

Grim Joggers49 Grim Joggers ($1.99, Universal): This is one of the most engaging endless games in the App Store because of the speed, risk, and change of pace with the grouping. There are five different environments to run through, and multiple objectives each time you run to keep the game fresh. Grim Joggers is a should buy for only $1, that really changes up the genre in some enjoyable ways.

Bumpy Road50 Bumpy Road ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Bumpy Road is a game that exemplifies why gaming on iOS devices is so unique and enjoyable. The game is short and sweet while being surprisingly elaborate because of all the little things it does right. Bumpy Road is worth picking up simply because of its wonderful design, and unique nature.

#50-100 Alphabetically

Air Penguin ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Air Penguin is a great little pick-up that will keep you coming back enough times to make it well worth the purchase price.
Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Anthill is worth picking up for the price as this is one of the most engaging strategy games out there.
Aquaria ($4.99, iPad) [Review]: Aquaria is a should buy that you’ll love diving deep into, and not caring to come up for air.
baby_monkeyBaby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) will bring a smile to your face each and every time you play. The game has great art, music, and surprisingly engaging gameplay. The double jump mechanic with collectibles and multiple ways to lose is unique in the App Store, and tons of fun. Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) is a must buy because everyone who gets their hands on it will absolutely love it.
Battle Bears Blast ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Battle Bears Blast is a should buy for only $1 that is the best of the great franchise. It is the perfect mobile arcade shooter, and truly redefines the genre.
Battleheart ($2.99, Universal): An RPG turn based battling game from the makers of Zombieville. Makes the usual niche genre, appealing for all.
Bike Baron ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Bike Baron is worth picking up for the price that is challenging throughout, and offers just enough reward to keep you coming back.
Bird Zapper!Bird Zapper! ($0.99, Universal): A game that will give you a jolt, as you drag your finger on screen to match the same birds. You electrocute the matches, and try to build hectic combos.
Blobster ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) [Review]: Blobster is a should buy for the price point, and you’ll love getting jiggly with it.
Bring Me Sandwiches!!Bring Me Sandwiches ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Bring Me Sandwiches is a should buy for the price that will get you to love making sandwiches as much as the alien monster loves eating them.
Bug Heroes Quest ($0.99, Universal): A follow up to Bug Heroes, with a greater focus on adventure and action, over the original’s tower defense and strategy.
Bugs Wars ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: It’s just as fun to play as it is to watch the superb graphics engine, and non stop alien bug blasting. Bugs Wars is a should buy for $1.99 that is an upper echelon iOS shooter.
Chicken Balls (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad)
Collision Effect ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Collision Effect is a should buy for only $1 and is a definite adrenaline rush.
Dream Tack Nation ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Dream Track Nation is a should buy for the price, and you’ll love every second of the action.
flick_championsFlick Champions ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Flick Champions is a should buy for the price, and you will no doubt enjoy flicking around in every single sport.
Flick Soccer ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) [Review]: Flick Soccer is a should buy for only $1 that is just an outstanding mobile experience with perfect pick up and play and fun.
Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) [Review]: The game features the same great Fruit Ninja style. The Bandito mode alone is worth the price of admission as there are so many different challenges that are randomly rotated between difficulties each time you play.
Gears ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Gears is a should buy for $1 that is a top notch ball roller and game overall.
Gem King (Free, Universal) [Review]: Kickin’ Momma (same game, new name in Gem King) is a must buy that is a great example of how to make an enjoyable game from start to finish, but a poor example of good parenting.
gesundheitGesundheit ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad): Gesundheit is bursting with style and personality to further enhance the unique gameplay.
Infinity Field ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) [Review]: Infinity Filed is a should buy for $0.99 that beats Geometry Wars at its own game.
iStunt 2 ($0.99, iPhone / $2.99, iPad): An action packed snowboard game where you go through insane courses of huge loops, reversed gravity, boosters, buzz saws, and many more obstacles.
Kami Retro ($0.99, iPhone / $2.99, iPad) [Review]: Kami Retro (iPhone, $1.99) brings something new to the App Store by borrowing ideas from multiple old games.
League of Evil ($1.99, Universal): A retro inspired classic platformer complete with 8-bit graphics. Each level is a micro level with fast paced action, and pixel perfect controls.
Liqua PopLiqua Pop ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Liqua Pop is worth picking up for $1.99 as it changes up the match three game nicely. On top of that, the game is delivered in a beautiful package with smooth controls and gameplay.
Magnetic Baby ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) [Review]: Magnetic Baby is a should buy for only $0.99, which is a great addition to the App Store, and your app collection.
Monster Soup ($1.99, Universal)
NFL Flick Quarterback ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) [Review]: NFL Flick Quarterback is a should buy which is the best football game in the App Store, and a definite touchdown.
Ninja Fishing ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: A phenomenal iOS gaming experience that is truly made for mobile enjoyment. The game features outstanding controls, beautiful visuals, and easy pick up and play style.
pickpawcketPickpawcket ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Pickpawcket is a fun iOS experience which requires a good balance of thought and action. The game does a great job of extending the stealth action to you, as you sneak around various dogs. Pickpawcket is a should buy as it really sneaks up on you, and keeps you coming back for more.
Pocket RPG ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Pocket RPG is a should buy for only $3 that anyone will enjoy playing. The game gives you outstanding action packed gameplay, beautiful visuals, and smooth controls, so what more can you ask for?
Puzzle Agent 2 ($2.99, iPhone / $2.99, iPad) [Review]: Puzzle Agent 2 is an outstanding sequel that easily stands on its own. It may be the best puzzle experience in the App Store, and once you start you’ll be captivated until the finish. Puzzle Agent 2 is a should buy for your iOS device of choice, and be ready to be challenged.
Rally-X Rumble ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: Rally-X Rumble has outstanding gameplay across four fun filled modes that provide retro and multiplayer fun.
robosurfRobo Surf ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Robo Surf gets everything right with quality checkpoints, boss battles, easy and smooth controls, and a gameplay style that you just can’t put down. Robo Surf is a should buy for only $0.99 as it exemplifies what’s good in iOS gaming.
Roboto ($3.99, Universal) [Review]: Roboto is a should buy for only $3 that is plenty of fun throughout, and a great example of what iOS gaming is.
role_holeRoll in the Hole ($0.99, iPhone / $2.99, Universal) [Review]: Roll in the Hole sits right alongside other great Chillingo puzzle games. It also sits by itself with a unique idea that is executed very well for plenty of enjoyment. Roll in the Hole is a should buy for the price point that is a rip rollin’ good time.
Snowboard Hero ($2.99, Universal): A 3D action packed snowboard arcade style game where you speed down the mountain performing tricks along the way.
Snuggle Truck (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad): A controversial app when it was first release as Smuggle Truck. Now it maintains the same fun, but with stuffed animals.
sonic_racingSonic Racing ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is the best kart racing experience on iOS, and the new standard for any future games to be judged by. The game is fun each time you play it, and there is so much to do from the extensive single player to the great online multiplayer. The game is great for those who like kart racing, and is great for pick up and play for any iOS user.
Storm in a Teacup ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Storm in a Teacup is what a Platformer should be, and may be the definitive platforming experience for iOS. Storm in a Teacup is a must buy that everyone can enjoy even if they’ve never even heard of a Platformer.
Super Crossfire ($2.99, Universal): A classic arcade shooter, that flips up the old Space Invaders style as you can flip your shooter from bottom to top of the screen.
Tapper World Tour ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad)
heisticonThe Heist ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: The Heist provides a great storyline and interface to continue to challenge you through every single puzzle in the game. The game is virtually flawless, and should be enjoyed by all. The Heist is a must buy for only $1, that is one of the best experiences available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
To-Fu 2 (Free, Universal) [Review]: To-Fu 2 is a should buy for the price that allows any iOS owner to thoroughly enjoy slinging To-Fu.
trenchesIITrenches 2 ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) [Review]: Trenches II enhances the original in every way, and all of the cartoon warfare is extremely well designed too. Trenches II is a should buy that is one of the best strategy gaming experiences out there, that can also appeal to all.
VelocispiderVelocispider ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: Velocispider is the new standard of how to remake a classic arcade game. The gameplay is so good that you want some more of it, and the game just doesn’t provide much in the first place. Velocispider is worth picking up, as you’ll get way more out of the game than four quarters in an old arcade machine.
Whale Trail ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: Whale Trail is a should buy that everyone can love shining, singing, and swimming on their iOS device.
Wooords ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: For only $1, Woords is a should buy that is one of the best word games available in the App Store.
Zombie Gunship ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Zombie Gunship has nice quality action packed gameplay that offers up a nice twist on a zombie shooter.

Missed the cut:
Real Racing 2 came out December 15th 2010, but the HD iPad version came out in March 2011, making it one of the best of this year, but was ranked last year.
World of Goo experienced the same dilemma, but in reverse. World of Goo HD came out December 15th, 2010, but the iPhone version came out in April of 2011. Another one of the best games, but we ranked it for 2010.
Perfect Cell and Robokill are two of the best as well, but came out on December 21st of 2010.
Also worth mentioning are:
Cargo Runners
Undead Island
Tower Defense Lost Earth
Burn The Rope Worlds


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