The 100 Best Games Of 2012 – Apple’N’Apps Picks #30-21

2012 has officially come to a close, and we take a look back at the year that was in the App Store. Thousands upon thousands of apps have been released this year, and many in the games category. We have looked over all the games that were released in 2012, and have selected the 100 best games of 2012 for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch.

All this week, we will feature the top 50 games of 2012, and we will reveal 10 games at a time. Stay tuned all week for:

Our rankings are based on a five person panel focusing on iOS uniqueness, overall enjoyment, and complete experience. It’s now time for #30-21, following:

MacGuffin's Curse21.) MacGuffin’s Curse ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: This game is the total package with each element working together so well to provide a throughly enjoyable iOS experience that you’ll want to complete. Once you begin, you’ll be hooked to the end, and there’s such an intricate journey to interact with. It’s all about logic puzzles with a series of 150 rooms where you will need to transform between man and werewolf multiple times to solve the given puzzle layout. Each room is full of switches, laser guarded fences, battery packs, concrete, boxes, and floor triggers and some aspects can only be handled by either man or werewolf.

fifa1322.) Fifa 13 ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: Fifa Soccer has made a great home on iOS, and Fifa 12 was one of our best of 2011. The 2013 version come out in 2012 complete with 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 authentic players. The main new additions in Fifa 13 is an enhanced graphics engine with vastly improved player design as well as an improved physics engine for ball momentum and player collisions. The highlight of Fifa on iOS is the fluidity of the soccer action that is unrivaled in any other sports game on the platform. The game doesn’t rely on any set patterns or static repetitive movement so everything truly flows like a real match, and lets you perform whatever you want.

anomaly_korea23.) Anomaly Korea ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Anomaly Warzone Earth was one of our best games of 2011, and the Korea version is better in every regard. The game is the antithesis to tower defense by creating a tower offense game where you play as the entities going through the maze, and trying to destroy the towers. It’s such a brilliant idea that offers a much more real time strategy vibe to offer a unique challenge that is exquisitely well designed. The sequel delivers enhanced graphics, new objectives, more challenges, and more map variation as you try to destroy the towers before they destroy your units.

pocket_planes24.) Pocket Planes (Free, Universal) [Review]: Nimblebit us one of the best App Store developers, and their 2012 offering doesn’t dissapoint, as you get to build up a global airline building wonderfully off the style of Tiny Tower. Pocket Planes offers up so much to do each and every time you open the app, and there’s such long term replayability. The game is packed with personality as you would expect from Nimblebit with the Bitbook, costumes, plane customization, changing backgrounds of each airport, and various details on cities, events, and cargo. The process is the best part of the game as you see your airline expand step by step, and have more of the map opened up to you. There’s also the nice strategy elements of combining different cargo elements to go in as a direct route as possible across multiple locations.

dynamite_jack25.) Dynamite Jack ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: There are some games that you can instantly tell are going to be good, and Dynamite Jack is one of them. The game revolves around Jack, who is a captured space marine, and has just escaped into the Anathema Mines. Now you need to guide him out of the mines with just a flashlight and some bombs. Every level presents a mix of puzzle platformer, stealth, strategy, adventure, and some Bomberman for such a unique and engaging iOS experience. There’s constant strategy to determine the best path forward across 28 intricate levels, and there’s a great level editor as well.

letterpress26.) Letterpress (Free, Universal) [Review]: A brand new word game idea that combines the classic style with turn based strategy for a whole new word game. You play online alternating turns where your goal is to make the best word you can from a five by five grid. Each letter you use changes to your color, and your goal is to color the entire board before your opponent. Every turn balances creating the word with strategizing in which letters to use to take control of the board with your color. There’s also a brilliant minimalistic design which is so well polished, while letting you focus on the word game at hand.

fairway_solitaire27.) Fairway Solitaire (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad) [Review]: The classic PC game finally came to iOS in 2012, and rather than a simple port it’s a brand new game that is perfectly suited to be touched. Fairway Solitaire is a great game as it intertwines the golf theme into the golf solitaire idea so that you can use special irons, while dealing with sand, water, and rough hazards. The goal is chain together cards in order to clear the given hole, and there are over 400 holes to play across tons of different courses further establishing the golf theme. The game is also packed with personality and charm to round out an amazing iOS experience.

outwitters28.) Outwitters (Free, Universal) [Review]: Turn based strategy games have been reserved for a select set, but Outwitters changes that by making the genre accessible to anyone. All of the technical clutter has been stripped out to make it easy to figure out what to do to capture your enemy’s base. The game is from the makers of our 2010 game of the year, Tilt To Live, and has the same level of polish with very creative and friendly characters to battle with. The game solely relies on online play to keep strategizing with each turn with the few units each player has at their disposal. Ultimately, the game has been set-up so that anyone can pick it up, figure out what to do, and begin strategizing and excelling within the first couple of minutes.

flight_control_rocket29.) Flight Control Rocket ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: A sequel to the App Store classic that takes the path drawing aircraft management game to space. Rocket perfectly refreshes a classic, and makes for a very engaging and enjoyable iOS experience. The pacing is the ultimate highlight, and there are so many fresh aspects to keep you playing the game. There are brand new ship types, different landing pads, multiple game modes, three lives at your disposal, and more to provide a great example of how to make a sequel stand on its own.

shadowgun_deadzone30.) Shadowgun: Deadzone (Free, Universal) [Review]: Shadowgun was one of our best of 2011, and 2012 saw the release of a multiplayer variation that is even better than the single player game. Deadzone is the best online multiplayer experience on iOS with so many different ways to battle, and silky smooth connections. The 3D graphics engine is simply one of the best on iOS, but the gameplay is the star of the show. There are so many game maps, and all are beautifully balanced for non-stop multiplayer mayhem.


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