The 50 Best iOS Games Of 2013 – Complete List With Our Game Of The Year

What a year 2013 was for the App Store. We saw the five year anniversary50 billion app milestone, and tons of major releases. Now, it’s time to take a look back at all of the games released in 2013, and pick the best ones. Our rankings are based on a three person panel focusing on iOS uniqueness, overall enjoyment, and complete experience. Here’s our complete list, including our Game of the Year.

All this week, we will feature the 50 best iOS games of 2013, and we will reveal 10 games at a time. Stay tuned all week for:


Game of the Year:

oceanhorn You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install1.) Oceanhorn ($8.99, Universal) [Review]: The game provides a grand scale adventure akin to Zelda, and it has some essences of a Nintendo style game. There are 16 discoverable islands with some expansive lands to come across complete with forking pathways, numerous enemies, unique puzzle layouts, and some hidden areas. Each island works to progress the storyline, and your characters ability as you unlock magical powers, a new sword, a new shield, bombs, arrows, jumping, and more. There’s such a well designed progression system, and as you gain these new abilities, you can then reach different sections of the islands that were previously blocked. Everything you do contributes to hunting down the mechanical fortress known as Oceanhorn, and there are four major boss battles in the mean time.


mzl.bwdhbwyf.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install2.) Badland ($3.99, Universal) [Review]: An amazing iOS experience that is crafted so well for the platform. The game delivers such an intricate physics driven side scrolling adventure that offers so many nuances as you go. There are dangers in every section of a given level, and you never know what to expect. The silky smooth one touch controls remain to let you focus on managing the difficult adventure that awaits. There’s so many moving parts in the environments, and then there are various power-ups scattered about to change your character’s size, speed, and numbers. All of it is presented through a beautiful design with silhouetted colorful backgrounds against menacing black foregrounds.

device 6 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install3.) DEVICE 6 ($3.99, Universal) [Review]: At the most basic level, it’s a text based adventure that is unlike anything else you have ever experienced on any other platform. Experience is a good word, because DEVICE 6 is more than just a game, more than just an interactive storybook, and it’s really a new interactive medium. It’s completely engrossing in every regard, and it’s just so finely made to truly put you in the shoes of the protagonist, with the complex puzzles, imagery, flow of text, and audio. It’s an all new art form in all honesty that is unlike anything else you have ever experienced, and it’s such a rewarding undertaking that you will remember long after it’s done.

Complete List:

touchgrind skate2  You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install4.) Touchgrind Skate 2 ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: There’s nothing quite like directly manipulating an on screen object on your iOS device as though you’re playing with the real thing. Illusion Labs has done a great job of providing a fingerboard to play with through multi-touch controls to make it feel natural to ride with two fingers, and the game is ultra responsive in recognizing exactly what you want to do with the fingerboard. There are three 3D skate parks with a third person perspective allowing you to pull off a wide assortment of skateboard tricks with your fingertips. You can also play with time sessions, score challenges, and online multiplayer.

mzl.fbpfiepg.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install5.) Tiny Thief ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: A stealth based puzzle adventure where you guide Tiny Thief to sneak about while using trickery to steal items. You’re given an ornately crafted gaming experience that offers up six main quests with five levels each. Your goal is to figure out how multiple interactive items work together to steal from the rich, and give to the poor, building upon the Robin Hood ideal. The quests include facing a corrupt sheriff, stealing from greedy landowners, thwarting treasure seeking pirates, and saving a princess locked in a castle.

Super Stickman Golf 26.) Super Stickman Golf 2 ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: The game is a hole in one by nailing every single aspect, and evolving the original in such a finely crafted way. Whether it’s the ornate course design, brilliant arcade golf style, or new turn based mode in addition to the existing race mode. There’s so much to enjoy, and once you start it’s just so easy to keep smacking the ball around. The sequel takes the original to all new heights with even more outlandish courses where every shot plays such an important role. The best part of the game is the level design with such intricate holes that perfectly balance puzzle, action, and classic golf.

mzl.yrcvgwlk.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install7.) XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($9.99, Universal) [Review]: The game has the potential to change the entire App Store, and that’s because it’s the complete high quality console/PC game, but made specifically for iOS. It’s truly the total package delivering ornate strategy gameplay controlled effortlessly through touch. It might just be the most advanced game on iOS as you lead resistance soldiers against an alien invasion with a great storyline, tactical battles, the ability to research advantages, and simply have such an involved experience. There’s so much that goes into each turn making what is essentially a new age chess board that delivers a level of depth that simply hasn’t been seen on iOS, and was recently updated with online multiplayer. Talk about pushing your brand new iOS device.

asphalt 8  You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install8.) Asphalt 8: Airborne ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: The game delivers one of the most exhilarating racing experiences on any platform that takes the lead of iOS racers. The entertainment value provided is simply off the charts making Asphalt 8 an absolute must that you will enjoy every minute of. Asphalt 8 is feature rich to say the least with 180 events in career mode, nine deluxe raceways, 47 unlockable cars, and online multiplayer. Once a race starts, there is never a dull moment with multiple racers flying every which way with the potential for collisions, drifting, and even flight. Each of the nine tracks requires constant attention as there are forking pathways, multiple ramps, and so much potential for mistakes. You’re screaming along the tracks at high speeds so obstacles come at you in an instant, and then there are the various segments that invite extensive drifts, and huge air.

mzl.afzxtghl.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install9.) Rymdkapsel ($3.99, Universal) [Review]: Pronounced “rimmed-capsule” has a crazy name that masks an extremely intriguing game. It’s a real time strategy game that is unlike any before, because it combines elements of tower defense, resource management, base building, and even tetromino puzzle. The main game is building out your base to reach floating monoliths in space to uncover new research information. There are six main rooms to build, and each one offers various resources to continually enhance your base, including getting new minions which perform all of the actions on the base. Every few minutes there’s an attack from space snakes, and you need to have your weapon rooms ready to defend your base. There’s an outstanding minimalistic design with 3D stylized elements to round out the package.

Dead Ahead™10.) Dead Ahead (Free, Universal) [Review]: Once you dive into Dead Ahead, you will be hooked, it’s really as simple as that. So many endless runners have blend together because although they start off strong, they quickly fade away. Not Dead Ahead, as it seems to become more enjoyable as you go with the challenge continuing to amp up, and better rewards on the horizon. The gameplay is unlike any other with obstacles in front of, and behind you, and it’s taken to another level with the replay factor. There’s so much happening on screen at once, and with so many different tactics to balance, it keeps your eyes and fingers glued to the screen. It’s all delivered wonderfully with polished pixel artwork, and deluxe blood splatter animations to round out an amazing package.

mzl.qrwwtzie.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install11.) The Room Two ($4.99, iPad) [Review]: Entering The Room on iPad sets the stage for an immersive 3D puzzler that presents a series of challenges as you unlock your way through a mysterious box. Each puzzle solution gives you a piece to then use on the next puzzle, and the path forward isn’t always clear. One of the biggest distinguishers of the sequel is that there is more than one room to figure out to extend the adventure considerably. The 3D graphics engine has also been enhanced with such a fine fit and finish applied to each object. There’s also responsive controls to make it feel as though you’re interacting with the surface of the objects.

cod strike team You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install12.) Call of Duty: Strike Team ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: The game stands out on iOS for all the right reasons, which really elevates the platform to a new level. Future games have higher expectations, and the best part is that this isn’t just a Call of Duty port, but rather a whole new experience. The game merges first person shooter and third person strategy into one game allowing you to switch between the modes within a given level at will. You can also switch between characters to continually change perspective for targeted assaults of either first person blasting through enemies, or birds eye view of directing units. It’s a whole new Call of Duty, specifically made for iOS.

mzl.gjmimytg.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install13.) Mikey Hooks ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: Mikey Shorts is one of the best iOS games around with perfect touch controls, exhilarating speed runs, and outstanding level design for classic platforming action. Mikey Shorts is back again, but now he’s hooking through brand new worlds in Mikey Hooks. The same great controls, excellent level design, and charming style return, but with all new action. In Hooks, there are spiked robots, electric beams, spiked platforms, and more to harm Mikey, which in turn introduces a new heart system. The hooking is the main component of the pseudo-sequel, and it is so smooth to greatly enhance the great mechanics of Mikey Shorts.

Star Command14.) Star Command ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: There’s nothing like commanding your own starship, and now you can on your iOS device thanks to Star Command. You get to talk the helm, and encounter new civilizations while preparing for everything imaginable to go wrong. The humor, and storyline are exquisite with so many asides to the ideas of Star Trek, and each hailing frequency with new alien interactions is a treat by itself. The gameplay is classified as strategy, but it’s more chaos management as you need to manage your attacks, sick bay, and engineering resources while handling enemy insurgents, enemy fire that can destroy your ship, and all of it at the same time.

mzl.vgikifey.175x175 75 ‘N Action Video: Kingdom Rush Frontiers   More Action Packed Defense 15.) Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($2.99, iPhone / $4.99, iPad) [Review]: A fixed path tower defense sequel that extends the greatness of the original, but positions the battle in the wild. There is tons of action that is surprsingly fast paced for the genre, all while maintaing layers of strategy. It’s such an immersive experience that is so easy to pick up, but so hard to put down as every move matters. There’s just so much to enjoy with great care put into the brilliantly designed map layouts, difficulty curve, gameplay balance, tower upgrade paths and placements, and constitution of each enemy wave.

mzl.dnljkuvg.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install16.) Limbo ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: It brings an atmospheric puzzle platformer experience to iOS. You’re presented with a black and white silhouetted world, and play as a boy trying to find his sister in this world of Limbo. The entire game is shrouded in an eery mystery to the point that you don’t know what’s coming next. There are new challenging puzzle elements in every section of the world, and it’s never clear what to do at first glance.

ridiculous fishing Developer Interview: Talking Ridiculous Fishing With Rami Ismali Of Vlambeer17.) Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The game offers a ridiculous amount of enjoyment with every element so well made to work in harmony, and fit perfectly on iOS. It’s an epic catch for iOS owners that is a true stand out on the platform. The game epitomizes the best of iOS with the thoroughly engaging gameplay, beautiful design, great replay factor, and smooth tilt & touch controls. It truly offers three games in one as you first descend your fishing lure as deep as you can, dodging all sorts of fish along the way. There’s never a dull moment as you’re dodging, collecting, or blasting away fish with a brilliant pacing, and gorgeous design.

Joe Danger18.) Joe Danger Touch ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The iOS version delivers the excellent Joe Danger stunt man action, but not with touch in mind including all kinds of special touch based maneuvers. The game pits you as Joe on a motorbike trying to jump buses, leap over shark tanks, fly into the air, perform tricks, go through loops, dodge spikes, and more. Each level is composed of a series of obstacles, and you need to maneuver over, around, or through all of them, and every action is performed through intuitive touch controls. Quick reaction is essential as you swipe and tap in various directions to move between obstacles.

cordy2  You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install19.) Cordy 2 (Free, Universal) [Review]: As soon as you launch Cordy 2, you can just tell this game isn’t typical iOS fare, but aligns much more closely with console platformers. The game features all of the classic platformer mechanics you have come to expect including forking pathways, high flying jumps, pick-up abilities, chained swinging & launching, bounceable enemies, and so much more. There are 48 levels across three worlds with every level offering a unique and ornate layout with so much to explore. The levels are simply packed with action, and after a couple of levels you will almost feel like you’re playing a Mario game.

year walk The Top 10 iOS Apps & Games For Halloween20.) Year Walk ($3.99, Universal / Companion Free, Universal) [Review]: A horror puzzle adventure from Simogo that is truly unlike anything else in the App Store, or any other platform, which relies on creating an immersive atmosphere above all else. Once you begin a Year Walk there’s no turning back, and the same is true for this game as once you begin, you’ll be drawn to find a conclusion. The game begins in a snow covered forest with bleak surroundings, subtly dimming lighting, and an eerie soundtrack to set the stage for what’s in store. Every single aspect is designed to make your skin crawl, and your heart race, and the developers were definitely successful. The game begins without a single hint, clue, or tutorial, and instead you need to just tap, swipe, and start exploring.

little_inferno21.) Little Inferno ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A completely unique experience that centers around burning things in your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. In Little Inferno there are no points, score, or time, and instead the game is all about experimentation. You’re never quite sure what to do, but the heart of the game is burning more and more objects to keep unlocking new ones to burn. Along the way, there are nearly 100 combos to make where you try to burn specific items together to make certain matches. There’s so much personality and polish applied to each item in the game from the catalog description and animation to the burning reaction.

 Tilt To Live 2 Gets Its First Update With The Best Of The Original22.) Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Tilt To Live embodies the unique games that are perfectly suited for iOS, by creating an arcade action experience revolving around precise tilt controls. The sequel maintains what made the original our Game of the Year back in 2010, while adding in boss battles, new power-ups, and a trick system. The sequel seems to amplify the action, and challenge to an even greater extent, while still delivering pitch perfect tilt controls. The boss battles really steal the show, and make the entire experience feel like more of an adventure.

fetch23.) Fetch ($0.99, iPad) [Review]: You play as a little boy trying to rescue his stolen dog in a futuristic robot driven world. Fetch distinguishes itself from the crowd in a number of ways beginning with gameplay that combines arcade, and adventure into one. The environments are filled with arcade machines that are intrinsically tied to progressing the storyline, while providing classic fast paced arcade action. There are puzzle adventure elements as well, as you need to unlock clues in the environment, collect various objects, and move between scenes to unlock the path forward. All of it combines for an engaging journey that delivers a lot of variety to keep you playing.

mzl.conxaqww.175x175 75 N Action Video: Spiral Episode 1   An Ornate Adventure24.) Spiral Episode 1 ($3.99, Universal) [Review]: A futuristic 3D adventure, filled with deluxe combat sequences, puzzle exploration, and a detailed storyline. You play as Tempus, who is a private investigator aided by a robotic energy infused arm that lets him focus that energy into various forms in combat. He lives in a world faced with the Spiral virus, which is transforming the population into odd energy infused beings. There’s an ornately designed world to dive into with an engaging storyline to get you fully immersed in the adventure.

KingHunt - The Next Generation Slicing Game25.) KingHunt ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: From the makers of Minigore comes a game billed as “the next generation of the slicing genre”. At first glance, the game is inspired by Fruit Ninja, as you simply swipe your finger across the screen to cut through objects that fly in from the sides. The game uses the familiar mechanic as the basis for an adventure game as you travel to twelve different lands while battling various kings. There’s the Muffin King, Count Cheese, Dino King, and more as you slice and dice your way through over 200 different enemy types. The graphics engine is a definite highlight with ornate 3D effects that use dynamic slicing technology, so every enemy reacts differently to your finger.

anomaly2_26.) Anomaly 2 ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A high quality strategic experience that doesn’t have a match in the App Store, and provides just what you want from a sequel in being a deluxe expansion upon what’s already good. The sequel maintains the tower offensive gameplay where you get to fight against the towers, and the gameplay still revolves around picking a tactical strategy route through the towers. Now though, it has been extended through a lengthy single player campaign as well as the ability to morph your units between two states with different pros and cons for each state. The game requires constant attention, and the sequel introduces online multiplayer as well.

band stars 125x125 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install27.) Band Stars (Free, Universal) [Review]: You get to manage a garage band trying to work their way up in the music industry. Making music is as simple as picking the genre, choosing an appropriate lyric type, and then assigning the different band members to what they do best. The entire simulation aspects align very similarly to Kairsoft’s Game Dev Story, just you’re making music instead of games. There’s such an engaging set-up that is simply an outstanding simulation experience that makes you care about the success of your studio.

mzl.zmngjszc.175x175 75 You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install28.) Cut The Rope 2 ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: Cut The Rope is one of the most popular games on iOS, and after two spin-offsthere is now a full fledged sequel. There are 120 levels in this new installment that distinguishes itself by introducing five new characters to interact with. Each character introduces a new mechanic to help the cute little green monster Om Nom, and the candy traverse through the level to meet somewhere. It’s the same great action physics puzzle style that is all about timing, and momentum, just with a lot of new additions.

mzl.dvkulgpp.175x175 75 N Action Video: Knightmare Tower   A Slicing Filled Ascent29.) Knightmare Tower ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: A fast paced action ascent where a knight needs to battle his way up a tower to save ten different princesses along the way. The knight propels himself upward by slicing through 50 different types of monsters with each one providing a boost. You simply tilt to control the knight’s movement, and tap to attack enemies all while trying to gain momentum as there’s rising lava below. The game has an endless launching feel, but there are campaign elements , as you keep rescuing princesses. There is also a wide variety of upgrades to help your ascent for each new run, and there are 70 different quests to aim for.

4 thrones Apps For Free Daily: 4 Thrones, Convertible, Legendary Wars, And More30.) 4 Thrones ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: A brand new solitaire idea that throws away the established model in favor of a redesign of the basics of solitaire. The interface and gameplay have been simplified to actually make solitaire feel fresh, and dare I say, enjoyable. Every part of the app is designed around being made for modern mobile touch devices. The game is set-up with four stacks to place cards on from the deck, and your base goal is to keep placing cards on those stacks. To do so, there are a few new rules to contend with as you need to keep placing higher cards.

infinity blade 3  You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install31.) Infinity Blade III ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: The Infinity Blade series has been a continuous stalwart on iOS, and that hasn’t changed in its third edition. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and it has been specifically updated for the A7 64-bit that’s in the iPad Air. It’s just honorable mention, because the gameplay hasn’t really changed in three versions, so it can be a bit repetitive. It’s still jam packed with content with two playable characters, and eight worlds. It’s one deluxe iOS experience that can be repetitive at times, but still is an overall enjoyable, engaging, and entertaining experience.

mzl.mmagpdkn.175x175 75 ’N Action Video: Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Pacific Skies   An All New Theater32.) Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A turn based aerial strategy game that picks up where the original left off while providing an all new theme that comes as a paid app rather than the freemium original. Your goal is to direct your planes to take down the enemy before that do the opposite to you. The game is designed from the ground up for iOS complete with intuitive touch controls, and missions made to be played on the go, and that hasn’t changed. You simply tap on various arrows to direct your planes on each turn until you get into position to take down the enemy. There are deluxe 3D graphics that include cut scenes when you go on the offensive, and while there’s a great sense of strategy, it’s really boiled down to make it accessible.

CRABITRON: Giant Space Crab Simulation33.) Crabitron ($2.99, iPad) [Review]: Imagine playing as a giant space crab where your fingers control the crab’s pincers. You don’t have to imagine any longer, because Crabitron is now out for the iPad with multi-tocuh controls allowing four fingers on screen to move the pincers every which way. It’s unlike anything else in the App Store, as your goal is to cause destruction so you reach up with two fingers, while opening the claw, grab a ship out of the air, and then crush it as you pinch your fingers together. It works exactly as you would expect, and it provides as much realism as possible for playing as a giant space crab.

mzl.nvummkwz.175x175 75 Apps For Free Daily: Skulls of the Shogun, Cost, Converti, And More34.) Skulls of the Shogun ($4.99, Universal): A turn based strategy game that includes fast paced head to head combat. You get to lead a skeleton army to battle across the samurai afterlife with intense action throughout. Everything is made for touch as you drag your units into position to then perform an attack, while dealing with the environment and potential for counter attacks. You can also direct your units to eat skulls to regain health, and the entire game has plenty of character. Strategy games are usually slow moving, but not this one, and there are so many things to consider as you direct each one of your undead units.

go_round35.) Go Round (Free, Universal) [Review]: The game introduces a brand new puzzle style as you’re given a game board with three circles dotted with green, orange, and purple circular pieces. Your goal is to move the pieces to the center, and you do so by making a match of three to move from ring to ring. A match condenses a group of three pieces into one on the next ring in, and you use this mechanic time after time to reach the center. To add to the challenge, you have a fixed number of moves, and each outer ring disappears after a given number of moves. There are 100 levels that add in fixes stones, star pieces, new objectives, multi-matches, and more.

poker_night2_36.) Poker Night 2 ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: Get ready to enjoy a game of poker like no other. It’s such a great idea to combine five different characters together who have never interacted before. There’s Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash Williams (Army of Darkness), Sam (Sam and Max series), and the dealer is GLaDOS (Portal series). All five fully interact with one another as you play each hand and provide you with witty banter, and one lively game of poker. The main highlight of the game is that it’s a bit like a TV show in its own right as you can just sit back and enjoy even after folding on a particular hand. The game of poker itself is enhanced with a great difficulty curve, particular character tendencies, and unlockable tournaments.

mzl.fjddvgjd.175x175 75 N Action Video: Warhammer Quest   An Intricate Dungeon Battle37.) Warhammer Quest ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: The Warhammer franchise is extremely popular, and offers a deluxe fantasy board game experience as well as many offshoots. It’s a top down turn based strategy RPG, and in the case of Warhammer Quest the game style has been translated into a dungeon crawler. You have a band of characters to take to battle against orcs, goblins, and other fantasy creatures as you make your way through dungeon after dungeon. The classic board game has been translated smoothly to iOS with a brand new style that fits well on the platform. There are over 20 hours of gameplay included.

zoombies The Top 10 iOS Apps & Games For Halloween38.) Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte! ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: A zoo infected by zombies sets the stage for a colorful, and light hearted world for a relatively morbid premise of taking down zombified monkeys, elephants, rhinos, penguins, turtles, and more. Each animal has its own special ability, but luckily you have unique weaponry to counteract different animal types. Zoombies is all about fast paced action as new zoombies keep coming at you, and you simply draw a path on screen to toss your weapon through them. There’s a lane defense set-up similar to Plants vs. Zombies, but with much more direct action as you control each takedown.

mzl.avuwfazu.175x175 75 ‘N Action Video: Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage   Cut The Ice39.) Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage ($0.99, iPhone / $2.99, iPad) [Review]: You play as a Viking who needs to sail to distant lands to save his stranded, and sometimes frozen Viking comrades. To do so, you need to swipe across blocks of ice to send them sliding down into the Viking’s ship where he can hammer those ice blocks to free his fellow vikings. The game launches with 95 levels, and you can’t help but notice the comparison to Cut The Rope, but with an ice theme. The main difference is platformer infusions to help save stranded vikings, and create a proper path back to the ship.

monster meltdown Apps For Free Daily: Monster Meltdown, Earth 101, Gravity.Duck...40.) Monster Meltdown (Free, Universal) [Review]: A puzzle game that is all about teleportation to get the escaped monsters back into their cages. The game delivers that special brain teaser, logic puzzle style where you need to think first, and act second, though there are still some action elements as many levels require quick timing to teleport in a free fall. There are 80 levels across four worlds.

Mr. Crab41.) Mr. Crab ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: It’s an arcade ascent where Mr. Crab moves automatically, and you simply tap for him to jump as you keep spinning upwards to the top. The game could be a simple endless riser, but Illusion Labs has transformed the style into an action packed platformer complete with 44 levels, and eight boss battles. Every single level makes for a surprisingly complex adventure with the ever spinning tower that features spiraling pathways with plenty of forks.

strata42.) Strata ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: A brain teasing puzzle game that is unlike anything else by focusing on creating cross-stitches of various colors. Each level is set-up with a grid that requires certain colors, and you need to send a colored strand across each row and column. Your goal is to have the second color ribbon match the color of the square below it across the entire grid. It’s essentially a weaving puzzle game that really couldn’t be easier to understand, and then the game just branches out from there.

mzl.stagkygx.175x175 75 ’N Action Video: Icycle: On Thin Ice   Pedaling A Unique Adventure43.) Icycle: On Thin Ice ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: An adventure unlike anything else in the App Store. The game begins with Dennis who is in the nude on a tiny bicycle stuck in a frozen post apocalyptic world. There’s an ornate design with elements of James Bond movie openings as well as Monty Python absurdity. The levels transform as you move through them to open up new pathways just by interacting with certain objects.

mzl.hpewtbhf.175x175 75 Apps For Free Daily: Combo Crew, Chromic, DrawRace 2, And More44.) Combo Crew ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: The game is based on brawler classics like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter, but the major difference is that the developers didn’t just shoehorn in virtual controls, and instead came up with a whole new gesture control scheme. There’s a lengthy campaign as well as an endless mode, and the entire time you’re trying to build up insane combos.

 Apps For Free Daily: Mimpi, Highlight by Cohdoo, Chimpact, And More45.) Mimpi ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: The game is named after a cute little white dog, who is the star, and is sent to strange new lands. There are eight worlds to play through, and each one relies on a delicate mix of puzzles, and platforming. The game aligns more with a point and click adventure, than anything else, but the classic platforming elements are there as well. The heart of the game is really getting you to question the path forward, and force you to actually stop, and think about what to do.

pixel people You Got A New iOS Device For Christmas?   The First Games To Install46.) Pixel People (Free, Universal) [Review]: You begin in space, set to build your own Utpoia building by building while splicing together genes to craft clones into new roles. Every single thing you do in Pixel People is designed to push your city forward pixel by pixel. There are 150 pixel people to create, each with their own special role, and most bring a new building along with them. You create your town piece by piece by combining two existing characters, and it’s quite extraordinary to see your town come together.

Pivvot47.) Pivvot ($2.99 -> Free, Universal) [Review]: Pivvot is a fast paced arcade game that offers a minimalistic style that focuses on simply testing your reflexes as you try to react to a wide variety of obstacles. In the game, a central dot rides along a spiraling line, and there’s another circle that can spin 360 degrees around that dot. You control the movement of the outer circle, and you simply spin it back and forth to make sure it doesn’t collide with anything.

mzl.oxjntlqz.175x175 75 App Of The Day: Heads Up!   Multiplayer Fun From Ellen & Impending48.) Heads Up! ($0.99, iPhone) [Review]: The game is all about local multiplayer face to face whether you’re playing at home with family members, or with friends at a party. The gameplay style is based on the simple game of grabbing a card, and putting it on your head, and then having others give you clues to guess what’s on your card. Each game is a 60 second rush to try to guess as many cards as you can with your friends help, and it’s a great way to use your iOS device to play with friends.

mzl.kzdyncpe.175x175 75 ‘N Action Video: Riptide GP 2   Racing In An All New Flow 49.) Riptide GP 2 ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Jump on your jet ski, and get ready to ride across the waves as you race in futuristic courses. Riptide GP is a racing game for iOS that focuses on water craft racing, and all kinds of stunts. The game features realistic water physics, and highly detailed graphics, that really look great in motion. The sequel enhances the speed, tricks, courses, and racing action.

mzl.cbyyakfh.175x175 75 Apps For Free Daily: Soundscape 2, Static Motion, And More50.) Zombies & Trains (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad) [Review]: It’s as enjoyable as it is humorous which is a sight to behold across each of the unique and thoroughly engaging game modes. You get to send trains to plow over zombies, time after time. There’s more zombie smashing at once in this game than any other in the App Store. It’s an endless high score based arcade game with four different game modes to keep things fresh.

*Note, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead Season 2, and Republique have only seen one of five potential episodes, so they will be included in Best of 2014 lists. Each one shows great potential after just one episode, but it’s too soon to be on any best of 2013 list with a majority of the series still to play out.


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