The Best Apps For Election Day 2012

The polls open across the country in a matter of hours, and finally after all of the talk, polls, ads, and overstating of everything we can all finally vote. The 2012 election is the most mobile connected ever, and four years show just how big of a difference there is in mobile devices, and how they connect to the election. There are a number of apps out there that are perfect for election day, and first off is the app that is the most important.


VoterHubVoterHub (Free, iPhone): The app lets you find your polling place for a confirmation or in case you didn’t get the information in the mail, or lost it. The app is the most essential, because you should vote. The app provides where to vote as well as a sample ballot for your area, detailed information on candidates and initiatives, and the ability to view wait times, and even report your own. The app is made for all 50 states, and a great resource to have on Election day.

Official Apps:

The official apps from the Obama and Romney campaigns respectively. Whichever one you vote for, there’s an app for that.
Obama for America (Free, iPhone)
Romney-Ryan (Free, iPhone)


RCP Election 2012 PollsRCP Election 2012 Polls (Free, Universal): The best source for polls, as you can view the polls for every state from every single big source. Rather than looking at individual polls, you can look at all of them to judge the trend, and garner logic from looking at all of the polls combined. There’s distinct trends, and you can also view the toss-up filled electoral map as well as senate races.

Tracking The Results:

There are apps from every major news source, so you can pick the one you like to follow. We have included all of the links below:
NYTimes Election 2012NYTime Election 2012 (Free, iPhone): This app is specifically geared towards the election. The app includes New York Times news and editorials as well as live results for the president, senate, and house races. There’s also information on the candidates, polls, and an interactive electoral map, though these features require an NY Times log-in for the paywall.
NBC Politics (Free, Universal)
ABC News (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad)
Fox News (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad)
CNN (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad)
AP Mobile (Free, Universal)
CBS News (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad)


disney_american_presidentsDisney American Presidents ($3.99, iPad) [Review]: There have been 223 years of American Presidents, and 44 during that period of time. Disney American Presidents provides a great journey depicting each president from George Washington to Barack Obama, and everyone in between. It’s an educational app that really focuses on getting kids to actually learn about presidents with memorable videos and graphics included. You’re given a digital Oval Office scrapbook that provides a page filled with basic information, interactive pieces, and a three to four minute video on the president’s background and term.

american_presidents_ipadAmerican Presidents for iPad ($4.99, iPad) [Review]: An exquisite app to help you explore each and every president as well as noteworthy events. The app really offers up a whole new way to explore the presidents, and over the past 222 years, there has never been a better way to learn about presidents. American Presidents for iPad is a should buy for $4 that is one of the best reference and educational apps available.

Constitution for iPhone and iPod TouchConstitution for iPhone and iPod Touch (Free, iPhone): A great piece of American history, that could always use some reading up on to honor your right to vote.
Constitution for iPad (Free): The iPad version.

270toWin270toWin ($0.99, iPad): An interactive electoral app allowing you to try out your own scenarios for election night. The app will also be updated with live results on election day. The app includes historical election results as well, allowing you to see the electoral breakdown in every presidential election since the first back in 1789.

Political Time MachinePolitical Time Machine (Free, Universal): From the makers of Video Time Machine comes a Political variation. The app is a deluxe search engine that is brilliantly designed to let you effortlessly search videos. You can view historical videos from all of the candidates to see how they have changed over the years.


VOTE!!!Vote!!! (Free, Universal) [Review]: You can perform your own debate on your iOS device with the game Vote. Rather than using words, it’s a bare knuckles brawl fest for the presidency that gives an all new meaning to battle for the White House. The game comes from Chair Entertainment, the makers of Infinity Blade, and the familiar game style is provided. It’s a 3D combat game where you dodge, block, and counter attacks from your opponent, and then swipe to attack. The gameplay is a carbon copy, but this game’s focus is political humor with cartoon caricatures of the two candidates.

Comedy Central's Indecision GameComedy Central’s Indecision Game (Free, Universal) [Review]: Comedy Central loves to poke fun at the whole process with their Indecision campaign, and they have a new game to go along with it. It’s a turn based trivia game allowing you to show off your U.S. politics intelligence. In each round, you and your opponent get the same three questions to answer, and whoever answers the most wins the round. If you tie, it comes down to speed, and each point you earn translates to delegates you can place on the map. You try to win states by placing the necessary number of delegates, and the first person to 100 state points wins.


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