The Best Apps To Make Your Thanksgiving Amazing

Thanksgiving is upon us, and many will be slaving away over the stove to create a perfect meal for the day. There are a number of apps out there to make the cooking process as smooth as possible. Normally we would focus on shopping list apps, recipe apps, cooking guides, and timers, but now many apps include all of these features in one. We have gathered the best ones for cooking, as well as all the best apps to make your Thanksgiving memorable for years to come.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping ListEpicurious Recipes & Shopping List (Free, Universal): The app is the perfect cooking resource for all year around with Thanksgiving included. It’s free and universal for all of your iOS devices, and provides everything you could want in a cooking app. There app is packed with sections for various meal types, and there are over a dozen sections dedicated to Thanksgiving. You get the recipe, step by step instructions, and the accompanying shopping list for every recipe in the app making this the best choice of all cooking apps in the App Store.

AppetitesAppetites ($0.99, Universal): One of the best cooking apps in the App Store, because it provides hands-on videos of the entire cooking process for each dish. The app comes with a number of introductory videos that are free, and there are a bunch of extra ones for specific occasions, that are available as in-app purchases. The app was just updated with a special free video pack for Thanksgiving related dishes.

PannaPanna (Free, Universal): The app is a lot like Appetites above, but in a magazine format. You’re given a similar style of how-to cooking videos, but with a beautiful magazine layout for the videos, highlighted recipes, and dishes for the specific time of year. There are six bi-monthly issues per year with about 12 seasonal recipes each, and there are subscription and per issue in-app purchases.

In the Kitchen: Food Network Recipes, Chefs, Cooking Tools and Shopping ListsIn The Kitchen: Food Network Recipes ($1.99, Universal): Connect with the recipes from the Food Network stars including Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, and more. There are thousands of recipes from the cooking stars you know, and there’s also clear instructions, shopping list, and timer. Those who watch Food Network will love this cooking app, as it captures the essence of the channel, and provides great Thanksgiving dishes too.

iCookbook – thousands of name-brand recipes with easy Voice Control prepiCookbook ($4.99, Universal): If you have a little money to spend, iCookbook is a great resource for advanced cooks or beginners. The app includes over 2,000 different recipes, connected shopping lists, and advanced techniques. The neatest aspect is hands free voice control to move between cooking steps so you don’t need to touch your device with your food stuff covered fingers. The Thanksgiving pack is $2.99 on top of the $4.99 initial price, so keep that in mind.

Butterball Cookbook Plus - Recipes for Thanksgiving & Every Day OccasionsButterball Cookbook Plus ($4.99, Universal): From the makers of iCookbook comes the official app from Butterball with hundreds of Turkey related recipes. It’s a feature rich app with step by step guides, note lists, conversions, shopping lists, timers, how to videos, voice commands, and more. The app is great for Thanksgiving, especially if you have a Butterball turkey, but the recipes transcend brands.

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner CoachChow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach (Free, iPhone): Unlike the other apps, this one only focuses on Thanksgiving, but does a great job with that. With a single focus on the biggest meal of the year, you’re given ingredients, shopping list, and cooking guide for your best turkey meal. There are a limited number of recipes, but it’s simple and straightforward for your Thanksgiving.

The Safeway Chef AssistantThe Safeway Chef Assistant (Free, iPhone): The app focuses on Thanksgiving, and is geared for picking up all of your ingredients at Safeway/Vons. The app makes it super clear how to prepare the whole meal from picking up the ingredients to following each step. There is also a timer and video demonstrations of specific recipes of the few that are included.

Appetites' Easy As PieAppetites’ Easy As Pie ($4.99, Universal): The regular Appetites app is one of the best in the App Store with videos of every single step of cooking various meals. The Easy As Pie version focuses on pies allowing you to create desserts after the big Thanksgiving feast. The game great video style is included just with a focus on pies.

iFood Assistant by KRAFTiFood Assistant by Kraft ($0.99, iPhone): The app provides Kraft supported recipes with thousands available including daily ideas. The app includes video how-tos of the recipes, and there are the deluxe shopping list features of Grocery IQ. It works just as described to be a true kitchen assistant.

How to Cook EverythingHow To Cook Everything ($9.99, Universal): An extremely powerful app that is based on the best selling cookbook of the same name. You’re given 2,000 recipes, 400 how to illustrations, and deluxe descriptions of every recipe. The app has a built-in shopping list, timer, and the clearest cooking guides around. It costs more than the other apps, but is pretty much the full cookbook on your iOS device. Dinner Spinner - Recipes, Drinks, and more! Dinner Spinner (Free, iPhone): Not as full featured as the apps listed above, but more useful for the entire year. The spinner aspect is the best part allowing you to spin a slot machine style for your recipe and ingredients.

Kitchen DialKitchen Dial (Free, iPhone): The app makes it effortless to convert measurements for anything you’re cooking. You can use the gyroscope/accelerometer so you don’t need to tap the screen, and it helps you figure out about quarts, teaspoons, ounces, and more.

KitchenPad™ TimerKitchenPad Timer (Free, Universal): If you’re looking for a timer that can track multiple timers at once, then KitchenPad Timer is for you. This app allows you to\ have a timer for the oven and different burners on the stovetop. There’s also QTimer with the same features, but without the Kitchen theme and $0.99 price.

Shopping List from Recipe.comShopping List from (Free, iPhone): If you want a separate shopping list, there’s none better than this one from You can scan, say, or type what you’re looking for while at the store. More importantly you can find the recipe, and your shopping list is full of all of the ingredients you will need.

Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and GardensCelebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and Gardens ($0.99, iPad): Thanksgiving is about more than just the food, and you can add some decorations too. This app includes ideas for the entire holiday experience with parts plans, recipes, invitations, decorations, games, and activities for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine CookingThanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking (Free, iPad): A recipe guide that focuses solely on Thanksgiving to give you various recipes for starters, main dishes, sides, and desserts. There are how to videos, turkey tips, and wine suggestions to complete your Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey Blast: ReloadedTurkey Blast: Reloaded (Free, Universal): For a nice distraction on Thanksgiving you can blast away some cartoon turkeys. The app is bursting with unlockables to keep you coming back to the tilt and shoot action.


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  1. Judy November 20, 2012 at 8:10 PM -

    I just downloaded an app for my iPhone called Videokits that will let me record videos of recipes and a video of my Thanksgiving celebration with family. I’m excited to give it a try.

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