The Best Games To Push The iPad 4’s A6X Chip

The main distinction for the iPad 4 is the brand new A6X chip that offers over twice the processing power. The result is a beastly device that can easily handle even the most deluxe offerings in the App Store. The 10 best games to actually push the iPad 4 are included below. These are the most graphically intense games available, and they’re great choices for the A6 powered iPhone 5 as well. The iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPod touch 5th gen should handle them all relatively smoothly as well.

nfs_most_wantedNeed for Speed Most Wanted ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: The game sets a new standard for iOS games, and it’s an absolute must buy that you will thoroughly enjoy as it nails every single aspect of any game on any platform. The most noticeable major difference is the graphics system which creates the most technologically advanced looking game on iOS to date. There are brand new collision effects with sparks flying when you scrap against guard rails or opponent’s cars. The highlight may be the reflective engine allowing for street lamps, other cars, and sparks to be reflected off of your car in real time to a realistic degree. There’s also a deluxe physics engine as you collide with opponents and cop cars so that the cars react as you would expect. It’s such a treat to see the destruction as you slam a cop sideways into the wall as the action slows down so you can enjoy the devastation.

bastionBastion ($4.99, iPad) [Review] A game changer for the iOS platform, and its addition improves the App Store catalog as a whole. Bastion is an absolute must that you will enjoy every minute of, and it’s one of the very best games you can buy for your iPad. The gameplay is extremely captivating, simply because there’s so much action at all times, and there’s always reason to keep battling forward. The most unique aspect of Bastion is the constant narration that dictates and describes all of the action on screen, and how it relates to the overall story, which is remarkable in its own right. There’s so much to discover, and the total deluxe graphical package from XBLA and PC comes to the iPad.

nova3N.O.V.A. 3 ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: Possibly the best shooter in the App Store, and one of the most deluxe game experiences on the platform. The most amazing aspect is that Gameloft has delivered so much, and yet it’s only $7. N.O.V.A. 3 is a must buy that is such an engaging Sci-Fi adventure which will provide so much more than the purchase price. You can’t help, but compare the game to Gameloft’s realistic shooter, Modern Combat 3, and N.O.V.A. 3 uses the same engine, but applies it to the Sci-Fi theme, and the results are outstanding. You’re always moving to new areas, and there’s so much to appreciate in the background on top of all the action in the foreground. The game design is simply superb, and it’s one the closest games to console quality, when playing on the new iPad.

hornHorn ($6.99, Universal) [Review]: A third person action adventure game that provides battles against huge enemies where you dodge their attacks, and then swipe to perform your own attacks. The deluxe 3D graphics engine offers an amazing design of the environments and characters. The scale of the mechanical beasts you battle is tremendous, and the background environments and animations are really well detailed. It’s a grand scale iOS adventure that pushes the platform forward, and takes adventure games to the next level. There’s nothing to take away from all of the great aspects involved. Phosphor Games has done a great job of building upon their exceptional first effort Dark Meadow ($5.99, Universal) [Review], which is graphically intense as well.

fifa13Fifa 13 ($6.99, Universal) is the best sports game in the App Store, and a top tier iOS title that nails the free flowing nature of the console version, and delivers it on iOS with a great feature set as well. Fifa 13 is an absolute must buy that is as enjoyable as sports games come whether you like Soccer/Futbol or not. The big new additions in Fifa 13 revolve around an enhanced graphics engine to really make your new iPad shine.

infinity_blade_IIInfinity Blade II ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The sequel picks up right where the original left off, and gives you much more depth to the same overall style. The gameplay is something that is perfect for touch, enjoyable throughout, and one you’ll keep coming back to. The addition of multiple environments, a much more fleshed out story, and more paths to choose from really enhance what was such a great game to begin with. The game is beautiful to say the least, and is quite simply one fo the best games avialable on any mobile platform.

walking_deadWalking Dead: The Game ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: Walking Dead is an outstanding iOS game that just happens to have a zombie theme to tie-in to Halloween. It’s an experience unlike any other that is an interactive movie where you tap and swipe to advance through the perfectly balanced dialogue and action sequences. The game comes in five episodes, with a consistent storyline where you dialogue choices in the early episodes have an impact in the later episodes. The game is all about choice, and it’s a throughly engaging storyline throughout.

blast_a_wayBlast-A-Way ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A relatively new physics puzzle that supplies intricate 3D levels with varying materials that need to be strategically blown up. You need to blast your way through certain pieces in puzzles with ever increasing difficulty. The gameplay is top notch, and it’s amazing to see the fluid action in motion. The 3D environments are so clean and highly polished, and they make the retina display shine whether on iPhone or iPad. The best part may be seeing the bomb detonations and resulting destruction as the environment explodes outward 360 degrees, with brilliant wave effects across every element on screen.

liliLili ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A completely unique adventure that is beautifully designed for the platform with the Unreal engine, and smooth touch controls. The game itself is a 3D adventure game that pits you as Lili exploring a mysterious island on a botany trip to impress her professor when she comes across magical creatures. There’s a deluxe storyline to dive through as you passively help the wood creatures by plucking the flowers off the back of the Spirits. It’s an adventure game like no other on the App Store by creating a theme that can appeal to all, and a completely unique gameplay mechanic. The environments are absolutely gorgeous, and there’s a lot going on the make the new iPad hum.

Sky Gamblers: Air SupremacySky Gamblers: Air Supremacy ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A 3D aerial combat game that not only takes advantage of the extra screen, but the A6 chip as well. It’s a graphically intense game with outstanding multiplayer and solo player options. The game provides  great feel of immersion as the action seem to wrap around you, as you blast down enemies from the sky. The game offers beautiful environments to fly over, and it all flows effortlessly at such high speeds with so much going on at once.

*Note that Real Racing 2 is still a graphically intense game, but it came out back in December of 2010, and Real Racing 3 is expected before the end of this year, and it will easily make this list once it’s released.


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