The First Apps To Install On Your New iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S launched today with 1 million pre-orders being delivers, and likely a million more heading to stores. If you now have your shiny new device activate, but want some apps, we’ve got you covered. These are the first apps to install fresh out of the box.

Apple Apps: Apple makes a number of apps that aren’t standard in iOS, but have to be installed separately. Do yourself a favor, and install Find My Friends, AirPort Utility, iBooks, iTunes Movie Trailers, Cards, Find My iPhone, and Remote to start off. Those apps are all free, and great resources to have on your new iPhone, which really should come pre-installed. If you want to edit your new 1080P movies, pick up iMovie. If you want to every type anything, get Pages, especially with the new dictation mode with Siri.

The Apple apps were obvious, but what’s next?

Evernote: Give Evernote a download right away, as it will become your default note taker in no time. It sync all of your notes across all of your devices, and there are all kinds of formatting options. You can add text, photo, and voice notes, plus any links, formatted text, or pretty much anything. The app is free, and one of the best there is.

Pandora: If you want to listen to tunes outside of your iTunes library, then look no further. Pandora is free, and has all the special abilities of the music app as it works in the background and with lock screen controls.

Facebook: If you have a facebook account, who doesn’t, then you got to have the very smooth and recently updated official app.

Twitter: In iOS 5 Twitter is built in, and you can install the Twitter app right from within settings, and there’s no reason not to. Also, you will now be able to tweet from Safari, Maps, Photos, and Youtube.

Skype: If you want to avoid using your minutes, you can try Skype, and it also lets you use video chats like FaceTime, but over 3G. The Skype app also works in the background just like phone app.

Dropbox/ We used to say insitctively to go with Dropbox for clouse based solutions. is giving away 50 GB of storage for free for the next few months, so we would choose that one. Apple’s iCloud is a great resource by itself too.

RedLaser: This is simply a great resource that lets you scan barcodes for instant on the go price comparisons. The app reads the code, and then gives you prices from Google, eBay, Half, and TheFind, so you always no the current price. The app also supports QR codes as just a nice added functionality.

TuneIn Radio Pro: There are many internet radio apps, but TuneIn gives you access to local AM/FM broadcasts. The iPhone doesn’t have an AM/FM receiver, and this is really the only way, and it includes DVR type options too. You also get access to thousands of internet stations on top of the AM/FM ones.

Waze: You can get basic traffic in the Maps app, or get it in an expensive navigation app. You could also use Waze which uses social networking for all users to create alive database of the traffic going on all around you.

LinkedIn/Google+/foursquare: If you use any of these three services, the apps are all very nice on the iPhone.

Pulse: Do you keep track of RSS feeds, or even like to read the news? Pulse is the best RSS/news reader in the App Store. You can read the news from multiple sources and categories, and it’s super simple to set up even if you know nothing about RSS.

Wunderlist: The Wunderlist app used to be an immediate download with the great interface, cloud syncing, and ease of use. Now with Reminders, you may want to use it instead as it’s part of iOS 5, works with locations, and connects to iCloud.

Movies: The app used to be our top pick, but iTunes Movie Trailers by Apple is our new choice. Simply the best way to track expenses on the iPhone. It does require a separate account, but after set-up it will be invaluable for your money.

Piictu/Instagram: A great way to share your new great photos with the iPhone 4S. Piictu is much more enjoyable as you can share similar photos based on interesting topics. Instagram is more popular, but the social aspects and photo discovery are limited at best.

Shazam/Sound Hound: You can identify music with the iPhone, and you can’t go wring with Shazam or Sound Hound. Users swear by both, but either one is a great app to have.

AirVideo: The app works with all of your videos no matter the type. You can convert video files live, and the video don’t need to be in special iTunes format. AirVideo also works with AirPlay to send full HD video to the Apple TV.

ESPN ScoreCenter: The best iPhone sports app to keep you updated about all the sports. There are other offerings from CBS, Fox, NBC, and more, but none do as good a job as ScoreCenter. Sportacular is a very close second, and a very good alternative. There is also the official MLB and NBA apps, but blackout restrictions apply to prevent you from watching live video of your local team.

HBO Go/Max Go/Watch ESPN/TNT/TBS: If you’re subscribed to any of these with just the right provider, then you can watch on your iPhone. Sadly ABC and NBC are iPad only.
Netflix/Hulu Plus: We would be remised not to mention Netflix and Hulu Plus for subscribers of either service. Granted the streaming selection on Netflix is limited at best, and Hulu Plus doesn’t even give you access to everything that is free on

Spotify/ All are various music streaming services, and most have a monthly subscription attached to them. is free like Pandora, while the rest, including Spotify require the monthly subscription for the iPhone app. With Spotify, and others you can listen to anything you want in their entire music catalog at any time for just one monthly fee, and there’s optional offline access as well.

Yelp: The app used to be a great separate resource, but now Siri works with Yelp, so there’s no reason to have the app.

WolframAlpha: The same case as Yelp, as it’s built into Siri. Start asking all kinds of questions, and Siri will use the entire WolframAlpha database.

There’s still a whole world of apps to explore, and we do admit there are quite a few listed here. Your brand new iPhone 4S will be at its maximum with these apps, but there are so many other categories for particular use cases. The apps listed above are more general to apply to all iPhone 4S owners.

Also, we will have a separate post for games coming soon.


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