The Shift In The Entire Gaming Industry Has Begun As Mobile And Consoles Blend

While playing and writing the glowing review of Modern Combat 3, I kept thinking that Modern Combat 3 is the next generation of iOS gaming which truly changes everything for the entire gaming industry. We discussed how the iPhone has supplanted the need for a separate mobile gaming device simply because of the amount of gaming you need when having a console too, as well as convenience and pricing. Modern Combat 3 is the first in a new wave of games that will be coming to the App Store that all take advantage of the new dual core A5 chip.

Gaming performance will be at an all time high for iOS devices, and Modern Combat 3 is a great example. The game is absolutely beautifully designed, and while it’s not exactly what you will get on a console, it’s pretty close. There have been other good looking games, but none have had the depth and variation of MC3 as seen in the 13 levels and deluxe environments. The addition of, and ease of online multiplayer makes it an even more inticing title, and this is all while on the go. If that wasn’t enough, the game also works with AirPlay Mirroring for wireless connection to the Apple TV, and provides 720P video with your iOS device with a unique control interface.

The iPhone isn’t only taking away the need for a standalone mobile gaming device, but it is now encroaching on console territory. The PS3, XBox 360, and Wii have much more deluxe games than iOS, but the differences aren’t nearly as steep as they were just last year. Modern Warfare 3 is an upcoming console title that will probably be the best selling of the year, and Modern Combat 3 offers the same style. Modern Warfare is a completely different game, but the differences in gameplay and graphics aren’t as steep as the difference in price from $59.99 to $6.99. Gaming on iOS isn’t as advanced as what is on the console, but it’s definitely getting there, and Modern Combat 3 is the first title that can warrant this discussion.

You can play Modern Combat 3 while out and about by just bringing your phone with you as you would anyway, and then come home, and continue on your HDTV. The load times are minimal especially when compared to the 10-30 minute initial install times for many new console games. You can jump into an iOS game in under 30 seconds, and quite frankly I play with the iPhone while the PS3 is loading. There are a few new high quality games in the App Store weekly, with major console titles coming in at only a few per month at best.

Modern Combat 3 is definitely the first sign of a shift in gaming, and the iPhone/iPad are all some people will ever need, with some definite advantages to iOS gaming. These mobile devices are going to keep becoming more advanced, and the differences between the console and mobile will become fewer, and iOS will maintain the advantages of mobility and pricing. The speed at which the hardware and software is advancing for iOS far outpaces consoles, with new consoles every five years, and most games all blending together in terms of technological advancements. Modern Combat 3 is the most advanced iOS game to date in every aspect, and console manufacturers should definitely take notice, especially with AirPlay Mirroring.

Modern Combat 3 is simply the first of next generation iOS gaming, and just wait until more developers take advantage of the A5 chip as we approach the release of the iPad 3 and iPHone 5 with A6 chip. By this time next year the line between console and mobile will be blurred, and the real question is how will consoles distinguish themselves?


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