The Things We Wish Siri Could Do

Siri can do a whole bunch, but there are a few things we would like to see added. None of these requests prevent us from fully enjoying Siri, but now that the base structure is in place with this beta, hopefully new services can be added regularly. Also, most of our requests have a high likely hood of being added in the near future.

We would love to ask Siri about movie showtimes, and use it kind of like the classic Mr. Moviefone call. It would be great to ask Siri when’s the next showing of Real Steel, and then be able to purchase tickets right from Siri. It seems that with Apple’s release of their own movie showtimes app, iTunes Movie Trailers, they will have their own service in place to connect with Siri soon.

The ability to launch apps would be great, and it’s odd that it’s not possible already. “Siri launch App Store”, “Check for app updates”, “Open iBooks”, etc. Siri should be able to launch every single stock Apple app at the very least, and have a very solid connection with the App Store. It seems so obvious to ask Siri to check the top 25, download Tiny Wings, or check for updates, and hopefully Apple thinks so too.

Siri to work as Finder for iPhone. When you swipe to the left of the home screen you get access to the iPhone finder. You should be to able to ask Siri anything you would type in that finder, and get the same type of results. You can find files, and also launch apps, as mentioned above.

There should be options in the Siri settings panel for app customization. Hopefully Apple adds developer APIs to Siri, or at the very least gives a menu in the settings allowing you to switch a few things. Maybe when you want to take a note, Siri could launch Evernote instead of Notes, or when you want to play music it could launch Pandora instead of the Music app. This wouldn’t even need connections within the apps, but would allow Siri to connect to more than just the stock apps.

More connections with iOS 5 features. Currently Siri can’t connect to tweets, so you can’t listen to or respond to tweets like you would texts, despite Twitter being built into iOS 5. You also can’t ask Siri to sync now, back-up to iCloud, play videos, or delete any texts, reminders, notes, or meetings that you have previously set-up with Siri. These all are features built into iOS that Apple can connect to Siri as there are already many similar processes in Siri.

We really can’t think of much else beyond asking outlandish queries for a food replicator, whole home universal remote access, or the power of the enterprise computer. Siri currently defaults to a web search on a number of queries, and hopefully more and more just sheer knowledge bases are included within Siri. As it stands though, Siri is simply the single best aspect of any of the five generations of iPhones.


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