Why The iPod Touch Is Apple’s Most Important Product

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of the unveiling of the iPod Touch, and four years later we have seen four generations of iPod Touch with a fifth generation potentially on the horizon. Apple makes a number of great products including the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air, but none of them are as important to Apple’s market reach, and entire product line as the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is the entry level product that introduces tons of people to the Apple product line. The most important factor is the price of only $229 for the 8GB version which is a reasonable price that allows anyone to pick it up.

4th Generation

Apple‘s products have always been known as having the price as the barrier of entry, but that’s not the case for the iPod Touch. As a comparison the cheapest MacBook Air is $999, the iPad is $499, and the iPhone is the most expensive one. The iPhone costs $199 in store, but that also comes with a two year contract that averages about $70/month on either AT&T or Verizon. That comes to $1,680 over two years plus $199, while the iPod Touch is still only $229 no matter how long you own it. There has been a bunch of speculation regarding a free iPhone that would bring the device to a whole new market segment, but that is still a very expensive proposition when you consider the two-year contract.

The iPod Touch is the device to introduce iOS to users from all types of backgrounds. It’s Apple’s gateway product which leads to more iOS use on the iPhone or iPad or even jumping to Mac use. The iPod Touch also benefits from the iPod name which is tied to Apple so much because it’s the product that was introduced in 2001, and really lead Apple’s recent resurgence. So many people have owned iPods over the past ten years, and a touch friendly version with access to apps, internet, and almost everything of the iPhone is an extremely appealing upgrade.

1st Generation

The iPod Touch is also a great alternative to a phone so you don’t have to pay a monthly contract if you don’t need one. Parents love giving an iPod Touch rather than a cell phone to their kids. The iPod Touch is also great for older adults who really don’t need to be connected every second of the day. Also, anyone can use FaceTime, Skype, TextFree, Google Voice, and many other apps that can turn the iPod Touch into a phone. The 4th generation also has the retina display, front and back cameras, and A4 chip of the iPhone plus an even thinner form factor. It’s a great device to keep in your pocket everywhere you go, and it can fit so many needs while on the go. Also you have to take into account that the only way to try Android is with a two year contract, but you can try iOS as a much cheaper alternative.

Another great aspect of the iPod Touch is its gaming appeal, and it’s the main device that has made Apple an accidental gaming company. Mobile gaming is extremely popular, and the iPod Touch has so many capabilities comparable to the iPhone that Sony and Nintendo have had a very tough time matching in their PSP and DS lines. The iPod Touch as a gaming device is extremely appealing because of its price, power, multi-touch, gyroscope, and non-gaming capabilities. The most appealing aspect is that there are double digit interesting games released every week with most at $0.99, and only very few beyond $2.99. The PSP and DS have similar entry level prices for the device, but games are usually $20, and you need separate cartridges as compared to the ease of digital downloads from the App Store. The gaming aspect also ties back to parents giving their kids an iPod Touch instead of a contract cell phone.

The iPod Touch is Apple’s most important product because of its wide appeal of feature set and price point for so many different use cases. It’s the device to introduce users to the Apple ecosystem where they can then get accustomed to the OS experience, and want to upgrade to Apple’s more expensive products. That is why Apple will continue to upgrade the iPod Touch, and expect to see the fifth generation iPod Touch at Apple’s next event sometime this month.

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    im hoping the ipod touch 5th gen will put the ipod touch on equal or greater standing then the ipad 2 in terms of gaming.

    monkey on a pig lol wha?

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    I would love to get the app (I had my eyes on it for a while now). I also wanted to take the time to thank you on writing such an interesting article. I had the intention of writing a comment and BAM I see BAGOAT, so thanks for the two ‘presents’.

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    I’m in too! By the way – I love my Touch – 3rd Generation but it’s great!

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    i’ll go with the genuine importance of the touch as an entry level iOS product. but calling it “most important” is an exaggeration.

    it’s really Apple’s mini-tablet of course. which is why i’d like to see a 5.5″ model for those who find bigger = easier to use. and also because then it would completely overtake the PSP and DS as the top portable game player.

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    Great looking app.

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    Apple truly has a great vantage point here. and I wouldn’t mind that app.

  12. Vigram September 7, 2011 at 1:11 AM -

    Interesting article and you got a very good point, The iPod is a very affordable device, and a great entry point to get to know all the bells and whistles of iOS, interface, etc.

    Btw Baby Monkey is something that has been on my wishlist for a long time so hope i could win a code 🙂 also RT @Vigram

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