Will iCloud Sync and Store Game Save Data Across Devices?

There are tons of games in the App Store, and there are many you probably enjoy playing at different times. When you’re waiting in line you like to play games that are good for short bursts on your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you get home you may want to launch up the game on the bigger screen of the iPad for a longer session. You could play different games, but what happens if you want to play the same game on different devices? If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch and an iPad then you know that the games are mutually exclusive to each device.

You play through a certain level on your iPhone, and if you play the same game on your iPad then you have to play the same levels you already beat on your iPhone. It really forces you to choose which device you want to play on before you start a game. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up your iPhone game progress right on your iPad? Well, the iCloud just may be the answer to deliver game save syncing and storing across devices.

After talking to a number of developers since Apple revealed iCloud, many seem excited for the feature as it applies to games. They’re checking into the iOS 5 beta to see exactly how it can be done, but there’s a consensus that it is possible especially for Universal apps. Apple is allowing developers to use iCloud APIs allowing them to build the service into their apps. That way the game would automatically store your game progress via iCloud, and push it down to all your other devices.

The feature would allow you to have a continued gaming experience across iOS devices, and make it much more enjoyable to game on the iPhone and iPad. Currently you need a few Mac programs to manually transfer game save files. The iCloud would do it all in the background, and it would work just like documents in the cloud. The save game data is changed as you play, and the developers could build in iCloud support so all the changes appear on all your devices. Currently, Apple previews how it works if you edit a Pages document on more than one device, iCloud can automatically keep your document up to date in Pages across all of your devices.

The feature would need a universal app which are the apps you would most likely be playing on iPhone and iPad. We will know for sure in the fall, but all the makings are in place so that your three star performance in levels 5-10 on your iPhone will be available on your iPad the next time you play the same game there.


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