Apps For Free Daily: Cannon Crasha, Slydris, Stickr, And More

Today’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps for free daily include a castle strategy game, puzzle arcade game, photo effects app, and AirPrint enhancement utility. A number of apps drop from paid to free on a daily basis, and we pick the top four everyday, as many of the others aren’t worth your time even for free. Everyday we try to pick apps that are worth spending money on, but are now free to download, and here they are.

*Price drops are temporary, and usually last for just 24 hours, so be quick to download.

slydrisSlydris ($1.99 -> Free, Universal) [Review]: A sliding block puzzle game that offers a new take on the Tetris style with a similar board set-up, but surpsingly different gameplay. Your goal is to slide blocks horizontally to try to create full lines, but for every piece you slide, a few more drop in from above. There are three different game modes that change the pacing, and the game maintains Radiangames style of great arcade action and neon stylized graphics.

Cannon CrashaCannon Crasha ($0.99 -> Free, Universal): A back and forth strategy game that pits two castles head to head with each one trying to destroy the other. There are 40 campaign levels across four worlds as well as three additional game modes. The game also includes unlockables, customizations, and iPad local multiplayer.

StickrStickr ($1.99 -> Free, iPhone): The app lets you embellish your photos with various stickers. There are over 300 different stickers that you can completely customize including changing the color, text, and filtering effects. Each one helps you accent a scene, or emphasize a particular object or idea.

Print UtilityPrint Utility ($3.99 -> Free, Universal): The app is designed to greatly enhanced the default AirPrint options for your iOS device. There’s a document manager that lets you view, print, and share almost any document types you can think of, sourced from multiple apps. All of the features are dependent upon having an AirPrint compatible printer.

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