Free Apps Daily: Crooked Path, Toca Life School, And More

Today’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch free apps daily include a quick action puzzle game, kids interactive app, children’s adventure, and math education game. A number of apps drop from paid to free on a daily basis*, and we pick the top four everyday, as many of the others aren’t worth your time even for free. Everyday we try to pick apps that are worth spending money on, but are now free to download, and here they are.

*Price drops are temporary, and usually last for just 24 hours, so be quick to download.

Crooked PathCrooked Path ($1.99 -> Free, Universal): A quick action puzzle game in which you need to find the proper path through forking pathways. The are multiple levels that include portals, upside down passages, surprising layouts, and more.

$1.99 -> Free, Universal

Toca Life: SchoolToca Life: School ($2.99 -> Free, Universal): Another interactive kids toy from Toca Boca, and this one offers five school setting locations to explore. The app offers a varying cast of characters to interact with at recess, in the lunchroom, in the youth club after school, and more.

$2.99 -> Free, Universal

Sago Mini Forest FlyerSago Mini Forest Flyer ($1.99 -> Free, Universal): An adventure built for kids that blends in a little interactive storybook and educational elements. The app begins by waking a robin, and then joining it on an exploration of the forest with over 20 animations to discover. The app is designed for children, and allows the player to join the robin to soar through the sky, splash in the pond, do a little dance, and make new forest friends.

$1.99 -> Free, Universal

King of Math 2: Full GameKing of Math 2 ($1.99 -> Free, Universal): An educational app that provides a series of math problems designed for middle school aged students. The app offers 125 unique stages across five worlds, and each right answer helps build up your character. You start from a farmer, and work your way up to a king.

$1.99 -> Free, Universal

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