Free Apps Daily: Heads Up!, Artie’s Magic Pencil, And More

Today’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch free apps daily include a family guessing game, kids adventure, focused camera roll cleaner, and heart rate monitor. A number of apps drop from paid to free on a daily basis*, and we pick the top four everyday, as many of the others aren’t worth your time even for free. Everyday we try to pick apps that are worth spending money on, but are now free to download, and here they are.

*Price drops are temporary, and usually last for just 24 hours, so be quick to download.

Heads Up!Heads Up! ($0.99 -> Free, Universal) [Review]: A multiplayer word game that is perfect for a family get together at Thanksgiving. The game style has been seen in Indian Poker, HeadBanz, or just slapping a sticky note on your forehead. An item is written on the card you place on your forehead, and the other player tries to give you hints to help you guess that item. With Heads Up! the iPhone is the card holder with the word to guess, and it comes to us courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, and Impending software (developers of Clear). There are tons of categories, and everything is rapid fire with 60 seconds of fun guessing.

$0.99 -> Free, Universal

Artie's Magic PencilArtie’s Magic Pencil ($2.99 -> Free, Universal): An interactive puzzle adventure designed for kids that teaches shapes. Kids can draw objects with Artie’s Magic Pencil to progress through the included storyline. The app is designed for kids ages 3-6.

$2.99 -> Free, Universal

Screeny - Delete Screenshots EasilyScreeny ($0.99 -> Free, Universal): An app designed to help you remove just screenshots with only a couple of taps. As soon as you launch Screeny you can tap to start scanning your camera roll for all screenshots. After scanning is complete, you can choose to delete all screenshots, or choose to delete just the screenshots older than 15 or 30 days.

$0.99 -> Free, Universal

mzl.mcvmofsn.175x175 75 Apps For Free Daily: Cracking Sands, Cardiograph, And MoreCardiograph ($1.99 -> Free, Universal): A heart rate monitor that can accurately test your heart rate when you simply placeyour finger over the camera of your iOS device. The app offers up a neat interface that shows a digital Cardiograph complete with pulsating line. There’s also iCloud support, and multiple user profiles to keep track of the entire family’s results over time.

$1.99 -> Free, Universal

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