Super Sale: Rage and Rage HD On Sale For Free For The Next Week

Rage by id Software and Bethesda was quite the noteworthy game when it was released last November because of what the developers have done in the past. The game features outstanding grotesque graphics that makes it one of the best looking games on iOS. Rage is a first person on-rails shooter where your player and the camera move automatically, and you just aim and fire. The game pits you on Mutant Bash TV, and you need to blast away all the hungry mutants that are coming right at you.

The game is free because the developers ran a promotion, where if they got to 100,000 likes of their Facebook fan page, they would give away the game for free. Now, for the next week you can pick up Rage and Rage HD with three sprawling levels of mutant bashing fun completely for free. The game is definitely action packed, and pretty creepy with the enemies coming at you from all directions right in your face. It’s not the most complex, as the rail shooter delivers repetitive gameplay, but it’s still a great iOS shooter. The game also has gyroscope support as well as HDMI-out on the iPad 2.

Rage is a great high profile game, and it’s amazing that it’s free to enjoy for all.

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