How To Set Up A Free iCloud E-mail Address

We’re now on to the third beta of iOS 5, and each one brings us one step closer to the Fall release of iOS 5. In the mean time, we like to check out all the new features, and a big part of iOS 5 is iCloud. The iCloud will be completely free, and that includes a free e-mail address. Set-up is an absolute breeze, and as soon as you complete set-up you’re left expecting more steps.

You just go into settings, tap on the iCloud menu item, and then flip the mail switch to on. You’re then given a pop-up asking if you want to create a free address, and then you just enter the [email protected] you want. After you press next, it’s completely done allowing you to go into the mail app, and see your inbox. You can send yourself a test e-mail right away, and it’s amazing how quick and efficient the set-up is.

Hopefully you’re anxious to create your own free e-mail address in under a minute coming this fall. We have a brief video of the set-up below.

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