10 Big Changes In iOS 10

Apple has officially released iOS 10, and there’s a lot to go through. There are 10 big changes in iOS 10 starting off with a big change to the way iOS presents information. Apple made a big emphasis on presenting a lot more information and actions on the lock screen beginning with raise to wake. You can view notifications just by lifting your device, and there are now rich notifications with each one acting as its own window. You can 3D touch an individual notification to get more information like the full weather forecast, view full photos and videos in Messages, and complete Calendar details.
Rich notifications extend to third party apps, so you can see an Uber live status map, live video of an MLB game, and more right on the lock screen. Apple hasn’t fully detailed how to access the expanded notifications without 3D touch, or any security with all of this available on the lock screen. The iOS 10 lock screen also gives the ability to swipe right to access the camera, and swipe left to access widgets. Control Center has also been cleaned up with new options, and a separate music playback menu by swiping to the left in control center. The lock screen is also home to new phone capabilities as VoIP apps can come in full screen on the lock screen just like a regular call. Contacts can all be enhanced with specific settings for VoIP or third party messaging. The phone now includes voicemail transcripts to round out the package.

One of the biggest rumors since Siri launched was opening up Siri to third party developers, and that’s exactly what we got in iOS 10. Now, you can say something like, “Send a webchat to Nancy I’ll be 5 minutes late”. You can now use Siri for more than just the stock apps for messages, maps, calls, notes, and more. Siri can now help for ride pick-ups, VoIP calling, workouts, in-app payments, and more. The Siri third party support goes hand in hand with the ability to now delete Apple’s stock apps for the first time. Continuing the Siri theme, Apple also enhanced the QuickType keyboard with Siri connectivity for more intelligent suggestions. The keyboard can gather location, contact information, and more to provide suggestions through typing, just as though you’re asking Siri.

iOS 10 offers a number of stock app enhancements with redesigned Music and News apps. Both offer a similar redesign with cleared sections and featured items. Music now includes onscreen lyrics. News builds in subscriptions and breaking news to move away from Newsstand, and not require third party apps with their own breaking news alerts. Maps also got updates including a new Nearby mode to offer enhanced search based on your current location. There’s a new dynamic navigation mode that changes the camera based on the route. You can also search along the route for food or gas, and get updated drive times. Photos is getting new “Advanced Computer Vision”, which means the system can recognize objects and scenes, and sort your photos accordingly. With this organization, Photos can create Memories with auto generated slideshows based on clustered photos. Memories are their own separate tabs, and connect to iOS, macOS, and tvOS.
Apple did introduce an all new app in iOS 10 in the form of Home. The Home app uses the HomeKit API to connect all of the copyable accessories within one app. You can control connected lights, thermostat, blinds, and more all from the Home app. There are also customizable presets to turn on lights, open blinds, start the coffee maker, and more from one “Good Morning” button, or Siri command. It’s a great set-up if you have home connected accessories, but those can be pretty pricey, especially in Apple’s demo set-up.

The biggest change in iOS 10 is seen in Messages with a ton of new features. There are rich web links, live camera feed to send, and emoji enhancements. Emojis are three times bigger, there’s emoji prediction, and even the ability to emojify words allowing you to tap to replace, for example “pizza” with the pizza emoji. Messages also includes new full screen effects to offer an animated backdrop to your messages. There are bubble effects as well to animate bubbles to add emphasis based on the type of message, and there’s invisible ink for the recipient to swipe to reveal. Messages also includes a new app drawer allowing developers to make stickers, gifs, and similar offerings as apps built right into Messages. There’s a similar extension for Maps as iOS 10 emphasizes a continuous experience within an app, rather than pushing you to the App Store.

iOS 10 is now available to update to, and here’s a basis of what you can now do with the latest version.

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