Inside iOS 10: Apple Maps Continues On The Road To Improvement

Apple Maps first launched with iOS 6, and it has been updated every year since. For iOS 10, there are some new changes to Apple Maps to continue to improve the product. First off, Apple has introduced app connectivity in Maps, similar to that in iMessage. If you tap on a restaurant, for example, you could get reservations with OpenTable without leaving Maps. At launch, only OpenTable, Yelp, Lyft, and Zomato are connected to Maps, but more are likely on the way.

Navigation in Apple Maps has also been improved to give you all new options when in turn by turn mode. You can search along your route to find gas stations, food places, or coffee houses with pre defined buttons for each option. Maps shows you the locations, and also tells you how much distance and time will be added to your trip if you decide on one of the search results. It’s a feature that is in other navigation apps, but is a nice addition in Apple Maps that is integrated intuitively. Apple Maps is also a bit more proactive in iOS 10. In iOS 9, the entire system was a bit more proactive to show you driving time estimates to your usual destinations in Notification Center. Apple has taken that a step further by offering proactive suggesstions of places you normally visit, or have on your calendar right within Maps. There are suggestions in the search section before you even type.

Apple Maps is inching along to get better and better, and there are some appealing additions in iOS 10.

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