Inside iOS 10: You Can Now Ask Siri About Your Favorite Apps

Siri launched with the iPhone 4S, and ever since we have been hoping that Siri would integrate with third party apps. Apple has delivered with iOS 10, so now you can ask Siri to perform tasks in your favorite third party apps, and not just Apple apps. Apple has created the system by allowing developers to set particular phrases, known as “intents”. For example, Square Cash uses the intent “Send Payment”, so you need to use that phrase when initiating Siri.
The system is just as easy as evoking Siri once you install compatible apps. Siri is smart enough to know that phrases are tied to specific apps, so you can say “Start Workout”, and Siri will respond, “Great. Confirming you want to use Zova”. You could add the app name to your Siri request, but you don’t always need to. If you have multiple apps that use the same phrase like Square Cash and Venom, Siri will ask you which one you want to use, and you can simply tap on the app you want. The system is just starting out, but you can already connect to Uber & Lyft, Runtastic & Map My Run, Pinterest & WhatApp, and quite a few more. You can view the full list of apps that connect with Siri by following the link.

Siri and third party apps sounds like a match made in heaven, and the early results in iOS 10 are good, and begging for more.

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