Inside iOS 10: Some Great Lesser Known Hidden Features

There are big ticket changes in iOS 10 when it comes to Messages, the Lock Screen, Siri, and more. There are also smaller changes that might fly under the radar, but can still be valuable. Here’s a list of valuable hidden features in iOS 10.

Clear All Notifications At Once:
You can use 3D Touch or a long press on the “x” icon on a notification to bring up the option to clear all notifications.

Save Storage Space and Bandwidth In Messages:
If you go to Settings > Messages, you can toggle on Low Quality Images to store and send lower quality version of all the stickers, GIF, photos, and videos you can send in the new iMessages.

Send Individual Read Receipts:
You can tap on the “Send Read Receipts” button within the Info panel of any individual conversation to let specific people know you have read their message.

Safari Tabs:
You can now open an unlimited number of tabs in Safari, and press the pages button in the bottom right corner to close all tabs with one button.

View Lyrics In Music:
When in the music player view, there is a distinct section for Lyrics that you can swipe up on to view the lyrics full screen. You can also tap the three dots button in the bottom right to bring up the menu with Lyrics at the bottom.

Voicemail Transcripts:
If you get a voicemail, iOS 10 automatically offers the text transcript allowing you to read it, instead of listen. You can also save and share voicemail messages.

Notes Collaboration:
There’s a new button in the upper left of Notes allowing you to “Add People”. Tapping on the person icon lets you invite other users to view and edit notes, with all changes synced to each user of a given note.

New Sounds:
The keyboard has been changed with a more muted popping sound for each key. Also, backspace, space, return, shift, number, and emoji buttons all have distinct sounds. When you lock your device, there’s also a new sound similar to a door closing.

Bedtime Alarm:
The Clock app has a new Bedtime Alarm mode allowing you to set a regular sleep schedule. You can set a specific time, and your device will send you the appropriate notifications to prepare for bed.

iPad Split View With Safari:
You can not use split screen multi-tasking to have two Safari windows side by side. The update also includes side by side mail composition.

Automatic Mail Unsubscribe:
If Mail identifies a mailing list e-mail, it gives you a tab at the top of the message to unscubrbie, to replace having to hunt in the fine print.

Adjust Flashlight Brightness:
The Flashlight in Control Center now has three brightness settings. Simply 3D Touch on the flashlight icon to choose between Low, Medium, and Bright. This function doesn’t work with a long press on non 3D Touch devices.

Magnifying Glass:
In Settings > Accessibility, you can turn on Magnifier. From there, iOS 10 uses your device’s camera to zoom, add flashlight, increase brightness, provide a contrast filter, and more.

Music Storage Optimization:
In Settings > Music, you can flip on Optimize Storage to remove songs that haven’t been listed to in awhile, as well as set hard rules to limit max music storage.

Game Center:
The Game Center app has been removed, though the service continues.

Emoji Changes:
The stock emojis have been fine tuned with new gender roles, enhanced textures, and the “gun” emoji is now a water gun.

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