Inside iOS 10: Do A Lot More Without Even Unlocking Your Device

You can do a lot more in iOS 10 without even unlocking your device thanks to deluxe interactive notifications. If you have a 6S or 7, you can use 3D Touch, but if you have a 6, 5S, or 5 you can still interact with the system, but you need a long touch. We will refer to it as 3D Touch for the rest of the article. When a new message notification comes in, you simply 3D Touch it to view photos and videos, or respond to the message.The system works for more than just Apple apps if apps are updated allowing you to perform functions like call an Uber, view ESPN videos, archive or respond to e-mails, and more. The notification enhancements also apply once your device is unlocked allowing you to perform the same 3D touch action to the notification pop up at the top of the screen above your current app. You can fully interact with the notification without leaving your current app.
Another new function is raise to wake, so that your device recognizes when it’s lifted, and the screen turns on without you having to press the home or power button. Back to the lock screen, there are more than just new notifications. Slide To Unlock is no more, and that allows Apple to give you two swipe functions. If you swipe from left to right, you bring up the widgets page, much like the widgets from Notification Center, but with clean new windows. If you swipe from right to left, you can access the camera, as compared to swiping vertically from the camera icon in the bottom right. Since Slide To Unlock is removed, you now need to click the home button to activate the TouchID sensor and unlock the device. Previously, you could use one motion to put your thumb over the home button, and unlock the device, but now Apple is emphasizing focusing on the lock screen to require you to perform a deliberate action to unlock the device.

Previous versions of iOS keep each app separate so that you get into the cycle of unlocking device, tapping on one icon, tapping the home button, tapping on another app icon. iOS 10 wants you to perform many actions from the lock screen, almost like an extension of what the Apple Watch is designed to do. Rather than staring at your phone all the time, you can quickly glance at widgets to be up to date, and fully connect with apps when they’re relevant with notifications.

With the above said, not everyone might like the changes, and Apple has options for those people. First off, you can limit what appears on the lock screen by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, and go to the section: “Allow access when locked”. From there you can toggle off reply with message, Siri, Today View, and any other relevant options. If you don’t like tapping the home button to unlock your device, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, and then toggle on “Rest finger to open”. If raise to wake isn’t your thing, you can go to Settings > Display and brightness > Raise to Wake, and toggle off.

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