iOS 6 Hands On: Turn By Turn Navigation In-Car Experience

One of the big new features of iOS 6 is turn by turn navigation in Apple’s own Maps app. Now you can set a destination, and Siri gives you voice guidance for every turn along the way. What better way to test out the new feature, than jumping in the car and going for a ride based on the given directions. We simply began by asking Siri for directions to the nearest CVS, and got going to see just exactly how the new feature works at this early stage in the first beta.

When you begin the Maps app, after asking Siri, you can view the full list of directions, and pick one of three routes. Then you press start, and the route guidance begins just like if you were using a deluxe GPS app or full fledged GPS unit. Siri’s voice is nice and clear, and easy to hear with half mile voice markers, and actual turn directions at about 500 feet out. With the voice guidance, you can also see the 3D view with the upcoming streets, your path highlighted in blue, and big green banners with the actual directions. At any time, you can tap the screen to view the ETA, and you can also leave the app, and the status bar can take you back to navigation; just like when you go to another app when on a phone call.

The entire experience with directions was very simple to set-up, and use while in the car with out the slightest distraction. The system feels like a dedicated GPS unit, that is simply baked right into iOS 6, and the software on your iPhone coming this fall. Enjoy our video below to see just how exactly turn by turn navigation works in iOS 6.

One Comment on "iOS 6 Hands On: Turn By Turn Navigation In-Car Experience"

  1. Karl A June 18, 2012 at 5:15 PM -

    Can you play music from the iPod app while using the Turn-by-turn Nav?