iOS 9 Insight: Apple Maps Now Takes Nearby Public Transit

Apple Maps first launched with iOS 6 with a number of complaints, especially when viewing maps internationally. Apple has continued to work on their mapping service with subtle back end enhancements. With iOS 9, there are two big new upfront enhancements beginning with public transit. You can now get transit directions for your route including train and bus routes with the schedule of multiple lines included.
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Looking for transit directions is similar to looking for driving directions already, or looking for transit directions in Google Maps. You simply look for directions between two points, and then select the transit tab at the top right of the screen. Apple Maps also shows the transit lines when you’re not specifically looking for directions allowing you to plan a route based on the transit lines and stops included. Transit directions are limited to six US cities with San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Chicago as well as five international locations with London, Berlin, Mexico City, Toronto, and China.

In addition to transit directions, Apple Maps also features a new nearby search system. When you tap the search bar in Maps the top portion is dedicated to eight categories for quick searches of nearby food, drink, shopping, travel, services, fun, health, and transport. Under each of the main eight categories, there are seven sub categories to drill down what you’re looking for. For example, under shopping you can specifically find popular stores, shopping centers, apparel, groceries, home & office, convenience, and sporting goods. Each category presents the closest locations with pinpoints on the map, yelp ratings and photos, and distance from your current location.

Apple Maps now offers more information around you to make it more appealing to stick with rather than heading to the App Store. Transit directions really need to come to more locations though.

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