iOS 9 Insight: Taking Notes On The New Notes App

Apple added an all new stock app in iOS 9 with Apple News. They also offered a significant update to the old Notes stock app. Notes has all new capabilities beginning with the ability to format text. You can now highlight your text, and tap the new checkmark button above the keyboard to turn the text into a checklist that you can mark off as you go. Notes now offers the ability to change the size and weight of text with presets for Heading, Body, Checklist, Bulleted List, and Dashed Line. There’s a drop down menu to quickly change the formatting of your notes beyond just bold, underline, and italics.
In addition to formatting your notes, you can now draw sketches. The new Notes app features a bottom tab bar with a squiggly line icon to turn on sketch mode. Once activated, you’re given a pen, pencil, highlighter, marker, eraser, and ruler with a selection of basic colors too. You can draw with your finger or a stylus, and combine sketches with text. Another new feature is Attachments, which lets you add photos, videos, links, maps, documents, and more right into Notes. The best part is the new Notes Share Sheet extension allowing you to save what you’re looking at across multiple apps directly into Notes. There’s also an attachment browser to help you organize which notes all of these new additions go to. The bottom tab bar that includes the sketch button, also has a camera button allowing you to quickly access the camera or photo library to add images directly into Notes.

There’s an all new way to take notes on iOS, and it’s in the stock Notes app.

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