Apps To Laugh At: SexyBooth & Sexy Cam – The Developers Can’t Be Serious

When you hear the name SexyBooth, you think it might be a neat transformation tool like Fat Booth or other similar apps. Then you read the description, and start using the app. SexyBooth is meant to let you see the people around you in the nude. Sexy Cam alleges to do the same thing, but you won’t be seeing much. You will get a few laughs out of the apps simply because they’re so bad.

In SexyBooth you don’t even get a live camera feed, you just have access to your camera roll. Then you can resize and overlay a picture of a hot male of female body. It’s nearly impossible to align the body correctly on a picture, and it’s so out of place. This is one of the poorest booth transformations I’ve ever seen. Also the app screenshots claim it’s augmented reality, and then the app doesn’t even have access to the live camera.

Sexy Cam may be even more hilarious as it tires to overlay the hot bodies in real time. You actually get to use the camera feed, and then it identifies a face, and tries to add the hot body. The problem is that it never aligns properly, and it’s usually not even close. Every time your shoulders are still showing, and other times it not even connected to your body at all. You would think it can’t get much worse than offering such a poor gimmick of alleging to see people in the nude. Then the app performs so poorly it’s nearly unfathomable.

It’s amazing that both of these apps actually cost money to see their plain awfulness. There’s a multitude of reasons to laugh at SexyBooth and Sexy Cam.

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