Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3 Released With New Features

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion inches closer to realization with the new Developer Preview 3 released to developers. Apple released the new beta build which has a few minor improvements upon the already stable beta operating system. The new additions center on Mission Control to further refine the new window management system. First, there is a Mission Control app to access the view, which was only possible with a multi-touch gesture before.

Not only is there a new way to view Mission Control, but there are also a couple new features. You can now add desktop environments in the top bar to have multiple spaces, and you can drag and drop windows between the spaces. You can add a new desktop in the top right corner, and then have full screen apps, desktops, and the dashboard in the top bar. See the image at the top for the new look of Mission Control.

There are new desktop backgrounds as well, including the Lotus flower from the original presentation back in September of last year as well as a Lion. Also, you can add a different background to each of the desktop environments you create. The other new feature is Reading List, which was hinted at in the last build. Now it’s fully functional, and allows you to collect pages and links in Safari to read later.

There are also a few cosmetic changes including fancy icons in the Finder window, a new login screen, and boot animation. Apple seems to be right on course to release Lion this summer which was the initial plan when we first got a glimpse of Lion. We will surely find out more details at WWDC next month which is likely to focus on software with Mac OS and iOS, rather than hardware.

In related news, Apple seeded 10.6.8 to developers, so we know there will be at least one more build of Snow Leopard before Lion. The Developer Preview 5 of XCode 4.1 was also released by Apple.

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